Odor-proof undies get sales boost from ‘Shark Tank’

Airtighty whities Odor-proof undies get sales boost from ‘Shark Tank’ By LORETTA SWORD at THE PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN   They didn’t win, but they weren’t eaten alive, either. In fact, Buck and Arlene Weimer’s business – underwear for people with extreme flatulence – received a huge boost from their appearance last Sunday on ABC-TV’s “Shark Tank.” […]

Channel 11 News features UnderEase

One man’s commitment to his wife turns into a product that could help thousands of people. Watch Channel 11 Pueblo’s broadcast featuring UnderEase and interview with inventors Buck and Arlene Weimer.

“Under-Ease” Anti-Flatulence Underwear

Published Sunday, December 2, 2001 Suggested by many alert readers. This could very well be the most exciting scientific breakthrough item that we have ever featured in the Gift Guide. “Under-Ease” is a revolutionary new air-tight underwear that contains a charcoal filter, which filters out noxious bodily odors before they can escape into the atmosphere […]

The Howard Stern Radio Talk Show

Early this summer, The Howard Stern Show requested sample of UNDER-EASE Protective Underwear for Flatulence after reading about them in the New York Post Newspaper. Buck & Arlene were invited to be interviewed by Howard Stern, but were initially skeptical. However, after getting inside the studio, he showed himself to be sincerely interested in the […]

Pueblo Inventor Wins the ‘IG Nobel Prize’ in Biology

Harvard University, Boston, MA October 4, 2001 Buck Weimer, inventor of UNDER-EASE Protective Underwear for Flatulence, was among ten other researchers, inventors and scientists to receive the 2001 Ig Nobel Prize. The Ig Nobel Prize is designed to honor people whose achievements celebrate the unusual, imaginative, and goofy elements of science, medicine, and technology. Nobel […]

Necessity is Truly the Mother of Invention

By Susan B. Murron Contributing Writer Necessity is truly the mother of invention. Buck and Arlene Weimer, owners of the Under-Tec Corp., tell the story of how Buck came up with the idea for his invention, Under-Ease underwear, and protective underwear designed to filter out the odor of human gas. Arlene Weimer has had Crohn’s […]

Under-Tec on Debra

The inventors of Under Ease, Buck and Arlene Weimer, on Debra – A Houston area talkshow.

Filtered underwear fights flatulence

By Erin Emery Denver Post Southern Colorado Bureau Friday, June 15, 2001 You know the moment everyone pretends to ignore? When someone unpacks their grip, lets one rip, cuts the cheese? Your nose hair curls. Your eyes tear up. Flatulence. It’s a subject most people don’t talk about, unless, of course, you’re a young boy […]

Pueblo Company’s Product Helps Solve a Windy Problem

By BILL RADFORD The gas we pass may cause others to snicker, hold their noses or even flee the room. Although we all suffer gaseous emissions from time to time- hey, it wasn’t me! – flatulence is more of a problem for some than others. Often it’s just a matter of controlling diet. But such […]

Patented Protective Underwear for Bad Gas

Initial Press Release UNDER-TEC Corporation of Pueblo, Colorado, and its inventor Buck Weimer, has produced a new generation of protective underwear patented to filter out the bad smell of human gas (flatulence). The underwear, called UNDER-EASE, is made from a soft, nylon (poly- urethane-coated) fabric with an “exit hole” cut from the back of the […]

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