Pueblo Company’s Product Helps Solve a Windy Problem


The gas we pass may cause others to snicker, hold their noses or even flee the room.

Although we all suffer gaseous emissions from time to time- hey, it wasn’t me! – flatulence is more of a problem for some than others. Often it’s just a matter of controlling diet. But such conditions as irritable bowel syndrome, certain medications and lactose intolerance can result in excessive or especially foul-smelling flatulence – and thus extreme social embarrassment.

Pueblo-based Under-Tec Corp. offers help with Under-Ease – “protective underwear for flatulence.”

The company’s motto: “Wear them for the ones you love.”

“We get a lot of jokes,” acknowledges Buck Weimer, company president and inventor of Under-Ease. “But we don’t have any doubt that this is a serious product that serves a purpose.”

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