Wear and Care

How to wash your Filter pad

The Filter pad is 60% sheep’s wool felt, 30% activated carbon, 8% fiber-glass wool, and 2% polypropylene non-woven fabric made in the USA.

For the Washer

Machine or hand wash in cold water in Woolite.

For the Dryer

Tumble dry on low.

How to wash your pair of Under-Ease

Under-Ease are 90% Tricot with Fabuthane and 10% Nylon. They are made in the USA.

For the Washer

Remove filter before washing. Machine wash in warm water on gentle cycle with non chlorine bleach.

For the Dryer

Tumble dry low

Other Important Instructions

Do not iron, puncture, or tear.

Wearing Under-Ease

Your under-ease can be worn anytime, anywhere (i.e. to bed, to work, at social events including professional meetings, when travelling in any vehicle including car, airplane,train, bus or boat.) Not recommend to be worn in water (i.e. shower, swimming, hot tub.) For maximum comfort and durability wear over cotton underwear.

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