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8 Best Girls’ Rash Guard Swimwear For 2024 8 Best Girls’ Rash Guard Swimwear For 2024

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8 Best Girls’ Rash Guard Swimwear For 2024

Written by: Roselin Comer

Discover the top 8 girls rash guard swimwear options that will keep your little one protected and stylish in the pool for 2023. Shop now for the best selection!

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Are you in search of the perfect swimsuit for your little girl for the upcoming year? Look no further! In this article, we will showcase the 8 best girls rash guard swimwear for 2023. Rash guard swimwear not only provides sun protection but also offers comfort and style. Whether she loves vibrant colors, cute patterns, or trendy designs, we have curated a list of the top options available. From floral prints to trendy stripes, your daughter will be ready to make a splash in these stylish and functional rash guard swimwear pieces in 2023.

Overall Score: 8/10

The Kanu Surf girls Keri Upf 50+ Long Sleeve Rashguard is a stylish and protective rash guard for young girls. With a low-standing collar and logo emblem at the center chest, this long-sleeve rashguard offers UPF 50+ rating to keep your child safe from harmful sun rays. The neon pink color and size 5T make it a fashionable choice for your little one. Customers have praised its quality, comfort, and vibrant colors. While some have experienced slight bleeding and sizing issues, overall it is a great swim shirt that provides excellent sun protection. Score: 8/10.

Key Features

  • Long-sleeve rashguard with low-standing collar
  • UPF 50+ rating
  • Available in neon pink color
  • Size: 5T


  • Color: Neon Pink
  • Size: 5T


  • Great sun protection
  • No color bleeding after multiple washes
  • Good quality and cute design
  • Variety of color options


  • Logo may peel off with wear
  • Some customers experienced color bleeding
  • Sizing runs small in comparison to other brands
  • Color may differ slightly from the picture

The Kanu Surf girls Keri Upf 50+ Long Sleeve Rashguard is a highly recommended swim shirt for girls. It provides excellent sun protection with its UPF 50+ rating and stylish design. The neon pink color is vibrant and attractive, although some customers have reported slight color bleeding. The shirt is comfortable and made of good quality fabric. However, it’s important to note that the sizing runs small compared to other brands, so it’s advised to size up. Overall, this rash guard is a great choice for keeping your little one protected and stylish during their beach or pool adventures.

Overall Score: 7.3/10

The Kanu Surf Girls’ Long Sleeve Rashguard UPF 50+ Two Piece Swim Set in Charlotte Navy is a high-quality swimwear option for girls. Made from UPF 50+ nylon tricot, this set offers excellent protection from the sun while providing comfort and durability. The set includes a matching rash guard and board shorts, making it a convenient choice for the summer. It is available in various sizes, ranging from 2T to 16. The Charlotte Navy color adds a stylish touch to the design. However, some customers have mentioned that the top can be a bit snug, and it lacks a liner, which may make it slightly see-through. Overall, it is a cute and affordable swim set that offers good coverage and longevity.

Key Features

  • High quality UPF 50+ nylon tricot
  • Matching swimwear, rash guard and board shorts available
  • Comfortable and durable fabrics
  • Available in sizes 2T through 16


  • Color: Charlotte Navy
  • Dimension: 5.00Lx5.00Wx0.70H
  • Size: 12


  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Affordable price
  • Stylish design


  • Top can be snug
  • Lacks a liner, making it slightly see-through
  • Limited size range

The Kanu Surf Girls’ Long Sleeve Rashguard UPF 50+ Two Piece Swim Set is a cute and affordable option for girls. It offers excellent sun protection and is made from comfortable and durable materials. While some customers have mentioned issues with the fit and lack of liner, it still provides good coverage and longevity. Overall, it is a great choice for the summer.

Overall Score: 8.4/10

The GRACE KARIN Girls Long Sleeve Swimsuit is a stylish and practical swimwear set for girls. Made from 85% polyester and 15% spandex, the material is flexible, lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable, ensuring a comfortable swimming experience. The set includes a long sleeve rash guard with adjustable drawstring, boyshorts, and a cute headband. The long sleeves and boyshorts provide great coverage and protect the skin from the sun, while the high collar design offers optimal sun protection. The swimsuit is suitable for various water activities and occasions, such as swimming, beach trips, surfing, pool parties, and vacations. The GRACE KARIN Girls Long Sleeve Swimsuit is available in a vibrant Hot Pink color and is suitable for 6-year-old girls.

Key Features

  • Size Attention: Consider ordering a size up for a looser fit
  • Made of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex
  • Flexible, lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable material
  • Includes long sleeve rash guard, boyshorts, and headband
  • Provides great coverage and optimal sun protection
  • Suitable for swimming, beach, surfing, and other water activities
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Suitable for spring, summer, fall, and winter


  • Color: Hot Pink
  • Size: 6 Years


  • Stylish design with adorable floral patterns
  • Protects the skin from the sun and sunburn
  • Comes in a set with multiple pieces for room to grow
  • Skin-friendly and comfortable material
  • Ideal birthday and holiday gift
  • Durable quality


  • Yellow shorts are slightly see-through on the back
  • Some customers experienced fading of the fabric
  • Thin bottoms may require additional swim bottoms underneath
  • Top side strings can be annoying for kids

The GRACE KARIN Girls Long Sleeve Swimsuit is a cute and practical swimwear set that offers great sun protection and coverage. It is made from comfortable and durable materials, making it suitable for various water activities throughout the year. Although some customers experienced fading and see-through issues, the overall quality and design of the swimsuit are commendable. It is an ideal choice for parents looking for a stylish and reliable swimsuit for their girls.

Overall Score: 9.2/10

The Tame the Sun Long Sleeve Swimsuit for Girls is a high-quality and stylish bathing suit designed for girls aged 3 to 14. It offers UPF 50+ sun protection, with a high collar and long sleeves to shield your child from harmful UVB and UVA rays. The swimsuit is made with durable, soft, and chlorine-resistant fabric that stretches comfortably to fit growing bodies. It features a modest cut with three super cute ruffles on the back, making your daughter stand out on beach trips or at the pool. The suit comes with a reusable, water-resistant zip lock carry bag for easy transportation. It is easy to clean and has a full front and back lining for modesty even when wet. With a satisfaction guarantee, Tame the Sun ensures that you and your children will love this adorable and protective swimsuit.

Key Features

  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Durable, soft, and chlorine-resistant fabric
  • Modest cut with three cute ruffles on the back
  • Reusable and water-resistant zip lock carry bag
  • Easy to clean and quick-drying


  • Color: Lemon
  • Size: 9


  • High-quality and stylish design
  • Offers excellent sun protection
  • Comfortable and stretchy fabric
  • Modest and adorable with ruffle details
  • Convenient to carry and clean


  • Sand can get trapped between the layers
  • Zipper may break easily

The Tame the Sun Long Sleeve Swimsuit for Girls is a fantastic choice for parents looking to provide their daughters with both style and sun protection. With its UPF 50+ fabric and adorable design, this swimsuit offers the perfect combination of functionality and fashion. The durable and chlorine-resistant material ensures long-lasting use, while the full front and back lining provide additional modesty. The three cute ruffles on the back add a playful touch that will make your child stand out. The only minor drawbacks are the potential for sand to get trapped between the layers and the possibility of zipper issues. However, overall, this swimsuit is highly recommended for its quality, design, and sun protection.

Overall Score: 8.7/10

The Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls’ 1-Piece Zip Rashguards are the perfect swimsuits for your little ones. With long sleeves and UPF 50+ sun protection, these rashguards will keep your baby protected from the sun’s harmful rays. The quick-drying fabric ensures that your baby stays comfortable and dry throughout the day. No tags mean no fuss, and you can trust the Carter’s quality that you know and love, exclusively available at Amazon. The Sea Friends/Dots design adds a cute and playful touch to these swimsuits. Available in size 12 months, these rashguards are perfect for your baby girl’s water adventures.

Key Features

  • Long sleeves
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • No tags. No fuss. Just the Carter’s quality you know + love, exclusively at Amazon.


  • Color: Sea Friends/Dots
  • Size: 12 Months


  • Provides warmth and high quality
  • Good coverage and fit
  • Modest and protects sensitive skin
  • Cute and functional designs
  • Smooth top to bottom zipper for easy changing
  • Durable fabric for active babies
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Durability issues with tiny holes and rips near zippers
  • Price is steep considering the quality
  • One suit arrived with a broken zipper
  • Arms may be slightly long for some

The Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls’ 1-Piece Zip Rashguards are adorable and functional swimsuits for your little one. They provide excellent sun protection with UPF 50+ and are made from quick-drying fabric for maximum comfort. The no-tag design ensures no irritation, and the top to bottom zipper makes changing a breeze. Although some customers have reported durability issues, these rashguards are overall well-received. They come in a cute Sea Friends/Dots design and are available in size 12 months. With its numerous features and positive customer reviews, the Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls’ 1-Piece Zip Rashguards are a great choice for your baby girl’s swimwear.

Overall Score: 8/10

The SUPER MARIO Nintendo Yoshi Toad Daisy Little Girls Rash Guard and Bikini Bottom is a stylish and comfortable swimwear set for girls. It features an all-over print design with contrast raglan sleeves and a fashionable ruched look. The set is made from UPF 50+ material for UVB and UVA protection and is quick drying. The rash guard shirt and bikini bottoms provide a comfortable fit and easy dressing. It is perfect for a day at the beach or pool and is safe on the skin. The set makes a great birthday or holiday gift for little girls who love Super Mario.

Key Features

  • 85% Polyester , 15% Spandex
  • Officially licensed SUPER MARIO Nintendo little girls cool and stylish short sleeve swim shirt top and cute and stylish full coverage bottom
  • UPF 50+ material for UVB and UVA protection and worry-free sun time
  • 4 way stretch fabric for comfort and long-lasting fit
  • Elastic waist for better fit; Pull on closure
  • Quick drying children’s swimsuit set with cute and fun character designs


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: 4


  • Officially licensed Super Mario design
  • UVB and UVA protection
  • Quick drying
  • Easy dressing
  • Cute and fun character designs


  • Sizing issues reported
  • Bottoms may run small

The SUPER MARIO Nintendo Yoshi Toad Daisy Little Girls Rash Guard and Bikini Bottom is a stylish and comfortable swimwear set for young girls. It features a cute Super Mario design and offers great UVB and UVA protection. The set is quick drying and easy to dress, making it perfect for a day at the beach or pool. However, some customers have reported sizing issues, so it’s recommended to check the sizing chart or order a size up. Overall, it is a high-quality and fashionable swimwear set that will delight any little Super Mario fan.

Overall Score: 8.2/10

The Lollisy Girls Rash Guard Swimsuit is a colorful and comfortable swimwear option for kids. Made from high quality polyester fabric, it offers durability and softness for flexible movements. The built-in sun protection with UPF 50+ rated fabric ensures worry-free sunny days. The Hawaiian prints add a fun and playful touch to this one-piece bathing suit, allowing your child to shine in the crowd. Its chlorine and salt resistant fabric makes it durable, while the four-way stretch and shape memory ensure a flexible fit for active girls. Enjoy a happy and safe summer with this stylish swim shirt!

Key Features

  • Made of high quality polyester for durability
  • UPF 50+ sun protection for full coverage and comfort
  • Stylish Hawaiian prints for a fun and vibrant look
  • Chlorine and salt resistant fabric for extended wear
  • Four-way stretch and shape memory for flexibility


  • Color: Colorful Mix Fireworks
  • Size: 6-7 Years


  • Durable and soft fabric for flexibility and comfort
  • Built-in sun protection for worry-free sun exposure
  • Stylish prints for a unique look
  • Chlorine and salt resistant for longevity
  • Flexible fit for active girls


  • Some customers find the sizing inappropriate for kids

Overall, the Lollisy Girls Rash Guard Swimsuit is a great choice for girls who want a colorful and comfortable swimwear option. Its high quality fabric, built-in sun protection, and stylish prints make it a reliable and fashionable choice for the summer. However, some customers have mentioned concerns regarding the sizing, so it’s recommended to double-check the measurements before purchasing. Enjoy a happy and carefree summer with this vibrant and durable swim shirt!

Overall Score: 9/10

The Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls’ 2-Piece Assorted Rashguard Sets in Green Floral is the perfect summer outfit for your little one. With UPF 50+ sun protection, it keeps your baby safe from harmful rays while they have fun in the water. The quick-drying fabric ensures that your baby stays comfortable and dry throughout the day. Made with trusted Carter’s quality, these sets are designed to last. The hassle-free packaging makes it even more convenient, exclusively for Amazon members. The set includes a long-sleeved top and bottoms, making it a versatile choice for any outdoor activity. This adorable swimsuit set is available in size 18 months and is loved by customers for its quality, sun protection, and cute design.

Key Features

  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Trusted Carter’s quality, every day low prices, and hassle-free packaging-exclusively for Amazon members


  • Color: Green Floral
  • Dimension: 5.00Lx5.00Wx0.70H
  • Size: 18 Months


  • Good quality
  • Provides sun protection
  • Cute design
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Trusted brand


  • Bottoms may be too large
  • Waistband not stretchy enough

The Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls’ 2-Piece Assorted Rashguard Sets is a fantastic choice for parents looking for a cute and functional swimsuit for their little ones. With its UPF 50+ sun protection and quick-drying fabric, it offers great protection and comfort. The adorable design and trusted Carter’s quality are added bonuses. While some customers mentioned that the bottoms may run large and the waistband could be more stretchy, overall, this set receives high praise. It’s perfect for keeping your baby safe and stylish during summer activities. So, grab this set and let your little girl have a splashing good time!

Girls Rash Guard Swimwear Buyer’s Guide

Burst into the world of girls’ swimwear and surf your way to finding the perfect rash guard! Whether your little mermaid loves splashing in the pool or catching waves at the beach, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive buyer’s guide. Explore our tips, tricks, and must-know information to make a splash with confidence!

Benefits of Rash Guards:

  • Sun Protection: Shield your princess from harmful UV rays with a rash guard’s UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) fabric, blocking both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Comfortable Fit: Rash guards provide a snug, yet flexible fit, ensuring your little one can move freely without any discomfort.
  • Chaffing Prevention: Say goodbye to irritation caused by rubbing against rough surfaces like surfboards or pool edges. Rash guards act as a protective barrier, reducing skin chafing.
  • Extra Warmth: Splash into chilly waters worry-free! Rash guards offer added insulation, keeping your little swimmer warm and toasty.

Factors to Consider:

  1. Size Matters: Ensure the perfect fit by accurately measuring your child’s body. Take measurements of their chest, waist, hips, and height before making a purchase. Refer to size charts provided by the brand for a precise match.
  2. Durability: Look for high-quality materials that can withstand rigorous use. Sturdy stitching and durable fabrics ensure a longer lifespan for the rash guard.
  3. Fabric Type: Opt for rash guards made from quick-drying, lightweight, and breathable fabrics like nylon or polyester. These materials are comfortable and won’t weigh your little one down.
  4. Design: Let your little one’s personality shine by choosing a design they’ll love. Whether it’s bright colors, cute patterns, or their favorite character, a visually appealing rash guard can boost their confidence to conquer the waves!
  5. Easy On and Off: Look for rash guards with zippers or snap closures for hassle-free wear. This feature is especially handy when your little diva needs a bathroom break.
  6. UPF Rating: Check the UPF rating of the rash guard, which indicates the level of sun protection it offers. Higher UPF ratings mean higher sun protection. Aim for at least UPF 50+ to safeguard your child’s delicate skin.

Essential Accessories:

Ensure a well-rounded swimwear experience by accompanying your girls’ rash guard with these fabulous accessories:

  1. Swim Cap: Protect your child’s delicate hair from chlorine or saltwater and keep it tangle-free with a swim cap.
  2. Swim Goggles: Help your little mermaid explore the underwater wonders by providing clear vision and preventing irritations.
  3. Swim Shorts or Bikini Bottoms: Pair the rash guard with swim shorts or bikini bottoms for complete coverage and enhanced style.
  4. Water Shoes: Keep your little one’s feet safe from hot sand, sharp rocks, or slippery pool surfaces. Water shoes offer traction and protection.
  5. Beach Towel: Complete the beachside adventure with a soft and absorbent towel for drying off and lounging in the sun.

Care and Maintenance:

Follow these tips to keep your darling’s rash guard in excellent condition:

  • Rinse after use: Rinse the rash guard with freshwater immediately after each use to remove chlorine, salt, or sand.
  • Handwash or delicate cycle: When it’s time to clean, follow the care instructions on the garment’s label. Handwashing or using a delicate cycle in cold water will help preserve the fabric’s quality.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Do not bleach or use harsh chemicals that may damage the rash guard’s fabric.
  • Air dry: Allow the rash guard to air dry to maintain its shape and prevent shrinking.

Frequently Asked Questions about 8 Best Girls' Rash Guard Swimwear For 2024

How often should I reapply sunscreen when using a rash guard?

While a rash guard provides an added layer of sun protection, it’s still important to apply sunscreen regularly, especially to exposed areas like the face, neck, and hands. Reapply every two hours or as recommended by the sunscreen’s instructions.

Can girls wear a rash guard for non-water activities?

Absolutely! Rash guards can be a great option for outdoor activities like hiking or playing in the park. They offer sun protection and reduce the risk of scratches or scrapes.

Can my child wear a rash guard with a life jacket?

Yes! A rash guard can be worn under a life jacket for added comfort and sun protection. The lightweight fabric won’t interfere with the life jacket’s functionality.

How should I choose the right size rash guard for my child?

Measure your child’s chest, waist, hips, and height using a tape measure and refer to the brand’s size chart. Ensure a snug fit without being too tight or restrictive.

Is it better to buy a rash guard with long or short sleeves?

The choice between long and short sleeves depends on personal preference and intended use. Long sleeves provide more coverage and sun protection, while short sleeves offer better flexibility and breathability. Consider your child’s needs and comfort levels before choosing.

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