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8 Amazing Backless Slip Dress for 2023 8 Amazing Backless Slip Dress for 2023

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8 Amazing Backless Slip Dress for 2023

Written by: Winnifred Mcnair

Discover the latest collection of backless slip dresses for 2023. Get ready to stun with these 8 amazing styles, perfect for any occasion. Don't miss out on this must-have trend!

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Introducing the latest fashion trend that will surely make heads turn in 2023: the 8 Amazing Backless Slip Dress. This alluring and versatile wardrobe staple combines elegance and sexiness, perfectly accentuating your natural curves. Designed to be effortlessly chic, these backless slip dresses come in a variety of stunning styles and colors to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you're attending a glamorous evening event or simply want to make a bold fashion statement, these 8 Amazing Backless Slip Dresses are a must-have in your wardrobe for 2023. Get ready to embrace your inner fashionista and turn heads wherever you go with these captivating and sultry dresses.

Overall Score: 8.3/10

The Popilush Shaper Maxi Bodycon Dress is a stylish and versatile option for women. Made with high-quality modal fabric, this dress includes a built-in body shaper that creates a perfect hourglass figure. It features an 8-in-1 design with adjustable straps, non-compressive butt design, and mesh lining for sculpting the thigh contour. The dress can be worn for various occasions, such as weddings, parties, and evening events. While some customers have mentioned a slight sound when walking and the shape wear lines being visible, overall, it offers great comfort, support, and style. The dress is recommended to be bought a size bigger. With its unique design and eco-friendly fabric, this dress is a must-have for anyone looking for a flattering and fashionable outfit.

Key Features

  • 8-in-1 design with adjustable straps and mesh lining
  • High-quality modal fabric for comfort and sustainability
  • Built-in body shaper for a perfect hourglass figure
  • Versatile for any occasion
  • Recommended to buy a size bigger


  • Color: Black-long Dress
  • Size: Small


  • Stylish and flattering design
  • Comfortable and supportive fabric
  • Versatile for various occasions


  • Slight sound when walking
  • Shape wear lines may be visible

The Popilush Shaper Maxi Bodycon Dress is a great choice for women looking for a stylish and comfortable outfit. With its 8-in-1 design and built-in body shaper, it offers a flattering hourglass figure. The high-quality modal fabric adds to its comfort and sustainability. While there may be a slight sound when walking and the shape wear lines can be visible, these are minor drawbacks compared to the overall benefits of this dress. Whether you’re attending a wedding or a casual date night, this dress is versatile enough to suit any occasion. Make sure to consider the recommended sizing and enjoy the confidence and style that this dress provides.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The AnotherChill Women's Casual Lounge Slip Long Dress is a sexy and elegant bodycon maxi dress that is perfect for daily wear, parties, weddings, and other occasions. Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, the dress is soft, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear. It features adjustable spaghetti straps and a fishtail hemline design, showcasing your beautiful body and giving you a noble temperament. The dress can be styled with strappy heels to enhance your sexiness and elegance. Please check the size chart carefully before purchasing. Available in black and size small.

Key Features

  • Fits all the right curves for a beautiful body
  • Adjustable spaghetti straps and fishtail hemline design
  • Made of soft, lightweight, and breathable materials
  • Suitable for various occasions
  • Can be styled with strappy heels


  • Color: Black
  • Size: Small


  • Form flattering for various body types
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Great quality
  • Opaque; can't see underwear through it
  • Short girl-friendly


  • Length may be too long for some
  • Lacks mobility
  • Potential for boob sweat
  • Not available in petite sizes for larger bodies

The AnotherChill Women’s Casual Lounge Slip Long Dress is a versatile and flattering bodycon maxi dress suitable for different occasions. With its form-fitting design, soft material, and elegant details, it offers both style and comfort. However, the length may not be ideal for shorter individuals, and some may experience limited mobility. It’s important to check the size chart before purchasing. Overall, this dress is a great choice for those looking to feel confident and sexy.

Overall Score: 6/10

The Romwe Women's Dress Full Slip is a versatile and comfortable undergarment designed to be worn under any type of dress. The strapless backless shapewear features a deep v-neck cut out back and a built-in bra, providing a sleek and smooth silhouette. Made with medium stretch fabric, this bodycon slip offers a slight compression for a flattering shape without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. The adjustable straps and back hooks ensure a comfortable and flexible fit. Perfect for weddings, postpartum, work, travel, parties, and daily wear, this slip is suitable for all occasions. The Romwe Women's Dress Full Slip is available in black, and is available in a medium size. Please refer to the provided size chart before ordering, as the sizes may differ from Amazon's sizing.

Key Features

  • Medium stretch fabric
  • Hand wash, do not dry clean
  • Strapless backless design
  • Deep v-neck cut out back
  • Adjustable straps and back hooks
  • Suitable for all occasions and seasons


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 14.00Lx10.50Wx0.50H
  • Size: Medium


  • Good quality and soft material
  • Provides a sleek and smooth shape
  • Comfortable and adjustable fit
  • Versatile for various occasions and dresses
  • Suitable for spring, autumn, and winter seasons


  • Cups may not fit larger busts well
  • Limited compression
  • Can be uncomfortable for some individuals
  • Not durable after washing for some users
  • Bottom edge has a scalloped lace detail that may not appeal to everyone

The Romwe Women’s Dress Full Slip is a decent undergarment choice for those looking for moderate shaping and a comfortable fit. While it may not provide significant compression, it offers a sleek and smooth silhouette under various dresses. The adjustable straps and back hooks allow for customization and flexibility. However, it is important to note that the cups may not accommodate larger bust sizes and the durability after washing may be questionable for some users. Overall, this slip is suitable for casual occasions and can be a reliable addition to your wardrobe if you’re in need of a basic body briefer.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

The pengnight Women Slip Cutout Backless Maxi Dress is a stunning bodycon cami dress that is perfect for parties and special occasions. Made of high-quality polyester fabric, this dress is smooth, lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. The dress features spaghetti straps, a square neck, low cut, fishtail skirt, and a sleeveless and backless design. The floral print adds a touch of elegance to the dress, while the bodycon fit highlights your curves. It can be paired with various accessories and footwear to create different looks. Whether you're attending a casual outing or a sunny picnic, this dress is suitable for any occasion. Please note that the dress runs small, so it is recommended to size up.

Key Features

  • Smooth & lightweight fabric
  • Spaghetti strap and square neck design
  • Backless and sleeveless with fishtail skirt
  • Suitable for casual, outdoor, beach, party, vacation, holiday, club, evening, sunny picnic
  • Available in sizes S/M/L


  • Color: Yellow
  • Dimension: 5.91Lx3.94Wx1.97H
  • Size: Small


  • Silky and comfortable to wear
  • Bra portion is not see-through
  • Flattering fit for different body types
  • Adds an extra booty size


  • Yellow color is too bright
  • Annoying straps that slip often
  • No slit in the leg for easier walking

The pengnight Women Slip Cutout Backless Maxi Dress is a fashionable choice for those who want to make a statement at parties or special events. With its silky fabric, flattering fit, and elegant floral print, this dress will surely turn heads. However, the yellow color may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and the straps can be bothersome. Despite these minor drawbacks, the dress is overall stylish and comfortable. Just make sure to size up as it runs small. It’s a perfect addition to your wardrobe for those occasions when you want to feel confident and look fabulous.

Overall Score: 7.8/10

The LILLUSORY Women's Smocked Maxi Dress is a beautiful and stylish choice for the summer. Made from high-quality fabric with 100% rayon, this flowy dress offers a cool and fresh wearing experience, perfect for those hot summer days. The dress features a backless design, smocked bodice, halter neck tie, ruffle trim detail, solid color, high waist, and a flowy swing dress style. It is designed to show off your curves and femininity while providing a comfortable and stretchy fit. Suitable for various occasions, including beach trips, vacations, casual outings, and even weddings, this dress can be easily paired with accessories like sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, heels, wedges, hats, and sandals. With its top-notch quality and elegant design, this dress is a must-have for all stylish women.

Key Features

  • High-Quality & Ultra-Soft Fabric
  • Elaborate & Fashionable Design
  • 2023 Fashion for Women
  • Chic Variety of Combinations
  • Perfect Fit


  • Color: Light Blue
  • Dimension: 3.00Lx4.00Wx0.50H
  • Size: Medium


  • Made from high-quality, cool, and fresh fabric
  • Stylish and feminine design with a backless and flowy style
  • Suitable for various occasions and easy to pair with accessories
  • Top-notch quality and perfect fit


  • Color may differ slightly from the image
  • Not suitable for curvy bodies
  • May be a bit long for shorter individuals
  • Requires adjustment for some body types

The LILLUSORY Women’s Smocked Maxi Dress offers a stunning and trendy option for the summer. With its high-quality fabric and elaborate design, this dress provides a cool and comfortable experience while showcasing your curves. Its versatility makes it suitable for various occasions, and it can be easily accessorized for a complete look. However, the color may differ slightly from the image, and it may not be the best choice for curvy individuals. If you’re looking for a stylish and elegant dress that offers a perfect fit, this is a great option to consider.

Overall Score: 7/10

The Kaei&Shi Satin Slip Dress is a sexy and comfortable lingerie dress perfect for lounge wear, honeymoon, and special occasions. Made from a cute satin silk feeling fabric, this dress features a V-neck, sleeveless design with an open back and adjustable spaghetti straps for a better fit. The loose style and light green color add to its appeal. It can also be worn as a full-length slip under a dress. The fabric is comfortable, soft, and a little stretchy, providing a perfect mix of comfort and sexiness. It is breathable and lightweight, making it ideal for sleeping. Overall, this satin slip dress is a great choice for those looking for a cozy and stylish night gown.

Key Features

  • V-neck, sleeveless, open back, short nightgowns
  • Adjustable spaghetti straps for better fit
  • Cute satin silk feeling fabric and loose style
  • Perfect as a full-length slip under dress
  • Ideal for lounge wear, honeymoon, and special occasions
  • Comfortable and stretchy fabric, breathable and lightweight


  • Color: Light Green
  • Size: 0-2


  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Beautiful and sexy design
  • Flattering fit for curvy bodies
  • Good quality construction and materials
  • Adjustable strap for customized fit


  • Shows side boob and may require adjustments
  • Runs small and has static issues
  • Short length may not be suitable for taller individuals
  • Straps are long and not adjustable

The Kaei&Shi Satin Slip Dress is a great option for those who want a comfortable and sexy lingerie dress. While it may have some minor cons like showing side boob and running small, it is generally praised for its soft and comfortable fabric, flattering fit for curvy bodies, and beautiful design. The adjustable straps allow for a customized fit, and the overall quality of construction and materials is commendable. On top of that, the dress can be worn as a slip under another outfit or for special occasions. If you’re looking for a breathable and lightweight lingerie dress that offers both style and comfort, the Kaei&Shi Satin Slip Dress is definitely worth considering.

Overall Score: 6.4/10

The Umenlele Women's Satin Cowl Neck Spaghetti Strap Cami Backless Short Party Slip Mini Dress is a stunning and sexy dress for girls and women. With its regular fit and above knee length, it flaunts a slight cowl neck and spaghetti straps that add a touch of allure. Made from smooth and soft fabric, this mini dress is stretchy and comfortable. The unique criss-cross backless design adds a captivating element to the dress. Whether you wear it to a party, club, or as nightwear, this dress is sure to make a statement. Please check the size chart before purchasing. Available in beige color and small size.

Key Features

  • Regular fit, above knee length with cowl neck and spaghetti straps
  • Unique criss-cross backless design for added allure
  • Made from smooth and soft fabric, stretchy and comfortable
  • Versatile dress for parties, club wear, and nightwear
  • Size chart available in the product description


  • Color: Beige
  • Size: Small


  • Soft and light material
  • Great fit
  • Love the back design


  • Thin and cheap material
  • Straps felt like they would snap
  • Tighter fit than expected
  • Dress length may not be suitable for shorter individuals

The Umenlele Women’s Satin Cowl Neck Spaghetti Strap Cami Backless Short Party Slip Mini Dress offers a seductive and stylish look for various occasions. While the dress has some drawbacks, such as its thin material and tight fit, it still manages to impress with its softness and unique back design. The versatile nature of this dress allows you to wear it as party attire, club wear, or even as nightwear. However, be mindful of the length if you are on the shorter side. Overall, this dress is a good choice for those looking for a sexy and trendy outfit.

Overall Score: 7/10

Feel fabulous and confident all day long with the Maidenform Women's Convertible Shapewear Full Slip. This ultra-firm control slip features a built-in bra and provides the perfect amount of compression. The slip is ideal for strapless and open-neckline styles, with princess seams and a convenient hook-and-eye gusset. The fabric is made with a percentage of recycled fibers, allowing you to feel good about your fashion choices. The slip also includes a built-in underwire bra with custom cup technology for the right fit and support. The lightweight and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry. Choose your true size and enjoy the comfortable and chic shapewear made with 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex.

Key Features

  • Tummy, Waist & Back targeting
  • Ultra-Firm body shaper slip
  • Fashion to feel good about
  • Built-In bra with choice of cup size
  • Cool comfort fabric
  • Sizing that fits you
  • Quality fabric


  • Color: Latte Lift
  • Dimension: 5.00Lx5.00Wx0.70H
  • Size: 36C


  • Provides targeted shaping for tummy, waist, and back
  • Built-in bra with customizable cup size for the perfect fit
  • Fashionable design made with a percentage of recycled fibers
  • Lightweight and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry
  • Multiple sizing options and adjustable for comfort
  • Super soft and high-quality fabric


  • Not suitable for individuals with long torsos
  • May not provide enough support for larger bust sizes
  • Difficult to wear as a strapless option for plus-size individuals
  • Does not effectively minimize all bulges

The Maidenform Women’s Convertible Shapewear Full Slip offers a combination of style and functionality, providing targeted shaping and a built-in bra with customizable cup sizes. The use of recycled fibers in the fabric makes it a fashion choice to feel good about. The slip is lightweight and keeps you cool and dry, and its sizing options and adjustable features ensure a comfortable fit. However, individuals with long torsos or larger bust sizes may not find it as suitable. Additionally, it may not effectively minimize all bulges. Overall, this slip is ideal for those looking to enhance their silhouette and feel confident in their clothing.

Buyer's Guide: Backless Slip Dress

Here's your ultimate buyer's guide for purchasing the perfect backless slip dress. Whether you're attending a glamorous event, enjoying a night out, or simply want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday wardrobe, a backless slip dress can be a fantastic choice. So, let's dive into the world of backless slip dresses and find the one that suits your style!

1. Consider the Fabric

The fabric of your backless slip dress plays a significant role in determining its appearance, comfort, and durability. Explore different fabric options to find the right one for you, such as:

  • Silk: Elegant and luxurious, silk provides a smooth, flowing appearance but may require delicate care.
  • Satin: Satin offers a similar shine to silk but is often more affordable and easier to maintain.
  • Cotton: Perfect for casual or everyday wear, cotton is breathable and comfortable.
  • Lace: Lace adds a touch of romance and elegance to any backless slip dress.
  • Polyester: Often used for more affordable options, polyester is durable and easy to care for.

2. Choose the Perfect Fit

Finding the ideal fit for your backless slip dress will ensure you feel confident and comfortable throughout the day or night. Follow these tips:

  • Consider your body type and select a dress style that flatters your figure.
  • Pay attention to the dress length – whether you prefer a shorter or longer style.
  • Check the sizing chart and measurements provided by the brand to select the correct size.
  • Some backless slip dresses come with adjustable straps or ties, allowing you to customize the fit to your liking.

3. Explore Dress Styles

Backless slip dresses come in various styles, each offering a unique look and feel. Consider the following styles to find one that suits your taste:

  • Halter Neck: A halter neck backless slip dress creates a captivating and flattering silhouette, with the straps tying behind your neck.
  • Spaghetti Straps: Perfect for a delicate and minimalist look, spaghetti strap backless slip dresses provide a subtle, feminine touch.
  • Open Back: Embrace the allure of an open-back design, showcasing your elegant and graceful figure.
  • Cross-back: A cross-back design adds a trendy twist, creating an eye-catching detail on your back.
  • High Slit: For a more daring and glamorous look, opt for a backless slip dress with a high slit to showcase your legs.

4. Consider the Occasion

Keep the occasion in mind when choosing a backless slip dress. Whether it's for a wedding, cocktail party, or casual outing, you want to ensure your dress aligns with the event's atmosphere. Consider the following:

  • Choose a sophisticated and glamorous dress for formal events.
  • Opt for a more casual and comfortable style for daytime outings or casual gatherings.
  • For weddings, check the dress code provided by the couple to ensure your dress meets their guidelines.
  • Don't forget to consider accessories and shoes to complete your overall look.

5. Assess the Backless Support

Comfort and support are essential elements when purchasing a backless slip dress. Consider the following options to ensure your dress stays in place and provides sufficient support:

  • Built-in Cups: Some backless slip dresses offer built-in cups or padding to provide additional support, eliminating the need for a bra.
  • Adhesive Bras: If your dress does not have built-in cups, consider using an adhesive bra to maintain support without visible straps.
  • Fashion Tape: Use fashion tape or double-sided tape to secure the dress in place, ensuring it stays in position throughout the day or night.

Frequently Asked Questions about 8 Amazing Backless Slip Dress For 2023

Can I wear a backless slip dress for a casual daytime event?

Absolutely! Opt for a more casual fabric like cotton and pair it with flats or sandals for a comfortable and stylish daytime look.

How do I choose the perfect size for a backless slip dress?

Refer to the brand’s sizing chart and take your measurements to ensure you select the correct size. Keep in mind that adjustable straps or ties can help fine-tune the fit.

Can I wear a backless slip dress if I have a larger bust?

Yes, you can! Look for backless slip dresses with built-in cups or consider using an adhesive bra for added support and comfort.

How do I care for a silk backless slip dress?

Always check the care instructions provided by the brand, but in general, it’s best to hand wash silk garments using a mild detergent or seek professional dry cleaning to maintain their quality.

Are there any style tips for accessorizing a backless slip dress?

Absolutely! Pair your dress with statement earrings, a clutch bag, and elegant heels to complete the look. Consider adding a delicate body chain to accentuate the backless design.

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