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Where To Buy Cheap Underwear Where To Buy Cheap Underwear

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Where To Buy Cheap Underwear

Written by: Emilee Rooney

Looking for affordable and high-quality underwear? Check out our comprehensive guide on where to buy cheap underwear for all your needs.

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Are you in need of new underwear but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further! This article will guide you through various avenues where you can find cheap underwear without compromising on quality or style. Whether you prefer shopping online or browsing physical stores, there is a perfect option for you.

When it comes to buying cheap underwear, it’s essential to consider a few factors. Firstly, you want to ensure that the underwear is comfortable and made from high-quality materials. Nobody wants to deal with itchy or uncomfortable underwear that wears out quickly. Secondly, consider the style that suits your preferences and body type. From briefs to boxers, thongs to boyshorts, there are various options available for both men and women. Lastly, it’s important to maintain hygiene, so make sure the underwear can be easily cleaned and cared for.

Let’s explore some of the best places to buy cheap underwear and find the perfect pair that meets your budget and style needs.


Factors to Consider When Buying Cheap Underwear

When purchasing affordable underwear, it’s crucial to keep a few factors in mind. Here are some key considerations to ensure you get the best value for your money:

1. Comfort: Comfort should be a priority when choosing underwear. Look for fabrics that are soft and breathable, such as cotton or bamboo blends. Avoid materials that may cause irritation or discomfort.

2. Quality: While you may be looking for inexpensive options, it’s still important to prioritize quality. Check for sturdy seams, stretchy waistbands, and durable fabric that can withstand regular washing and wear.

3. Size and Fit: Proper sizing and fit are crucial for optimal comfort and support. Pay attention to size charts provided by the manufacturer and consider trying on different styles to find the most flattering fit for your body shape.

4. Style: Underwear comes in a wide range of styles, including briefs, boxers, thongs, and more. Consider your personal preferences and choose a style that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

5. Hygiene and Care: Make sure the underwear you purchase can be easily cleaned and maintained. Look for machine washable options and check the care instructions to ensure proper handling.

6. Return Policy: It’s always wise to check the return policy before making a purchase, especially when buying online. This gives you peace of mind in case the underwear doesn’t meet your expectations or if you need to exchange for a different size.

By considering these factors, you can find affordable underwear that ticks all the boxes of comfort, quality, style, and hygiene.


Online Retailers for Cheap Underwear

Shopping for cheap underwear online offers convenience, a wide selection, and competitive prices. Here are some popular online retailers where you can find affordable underwear:

1. Amazon: Known for its extensive inventory, Amazon offers a vast range of underwear options at various price points. Look for deals and discounts on popular brands and read customer reviews for insights on quality and fit.

2. eBay: eBay is a great platform for finding affordable underwear, particularly if you’re open to purchasing gently used or pre-owned items. Filter your search by price range and utilize the bidding system to potentially snag great deals.

3. ASOS: ASOS is a popular online fashion retailer offering a wide selection of underwear at affordable prices. With regular sales and discounts, you can find trendy and budget-friendly options for both men and women.

4. Hanes: Hanes is a well-known brand that offers affordable underwear for the whole family. The official Hanes website often runs promotions, making it an excellent place to stock up on basics like cotton briefs and undershirts.

5. Target: Target’s online store provides a vast assortment of underwear options for men, women, and children. Look out for exclusive online discounts and take advantage of their easy return policy.

6. Walmart: Walmart offers a diverse range of affordable underwear options from both in-house and brand-name labels. Explore their online selection to find budget-friendly underwear for the entire family.

7. AliExpress: AliExpress is a global online marketplace that offers incredibly low prices on a wide variety of products, including inexpensive underwear. However, be sure to carefully read product descriptions and customer reviews to ensure quality.

When shopping for cheap underwear online, keep in mind the factors mentioned earlier, such as comfort, quality, and size. Take advantage of customer reviews and product descriptions to make informed decisions.


Physical Stores for Cheap Underwear

If you prefer the in-person shopping experience, there are numerous physical stores where you can find affordable underwear. Here are some options to consider:

1. Target: Target has a wide selection of affordable underwear for men, women, and children. From basic styles to trendy designs, you can find budget-friendly options in-store.

2. Walmart: Walmart is another great option for finding affordable underwear. With their large selection of brands and styles, you can find options that fit your budget and personal preferences.

3. Old Navy: Old Navy offers affordable and fashionable underwear for the whole family. Look out for their regular deals and sales to score even better prices.

4. TJ Maxx: TJ Maxx is a popular discount retailer known for offering brand-name products at discounted prices. They often have a wide range of underwear options available, including popular brands, at affordable prices.

5. Marshalls: Marshalls is similar to TJ Maxx, offering discounted brand-name products. Browse their underwear section for great deals on quality undergarments.

6. Ross Dress for Less: Ross Dress for Less is a discount store that sells a variety of products, including affordable underwear. Check out their underwear section for comfortable and reasonably priced options.

7. H&M: H&M is a popular clothing retailer that offers a range of trendy and affordable underwear options. They frequently have sales and promotions, making it an excellent place to find budget-friendly lingerie and undergarments.

8. Department Store Sales: Keep an eye out for sales at department stores like Macy’s, Kohl’s, and JCPenney. These stores often have clearance sections where you can find discounted underwear from well-known brands.

When visiting physical stores, it’s essential to take the time to browse and compare prices. Don’t hesitate to check the clearance racks or ask store associates for any ongoing promotions or discounts. With a little bit of patience and effort, you can find affordable underwear that meets your style and budget requirements.


Outlet Stores for Cheap Underwear

Outlet stores are a fantastic option for finding cheap underwear from popular brands. These stores offer discounted prices on overstocked or slightly imperfect items. Here are some outlet stores where you can find affordable underwear:

1. Calvin Klein: Calvin Klein outlets often carry a wide selection of discounted underwear for men and women. You can find a variety of styles, from classic briefs to comfortable bralettes, at significantly reduced prices.

2. Hanes Brands Outlet: Hanes Brands Outlet stores feature a range of quality underwear brands like Hanes, Champion, Bali, and Playtex. You can find discounted underwear for the whole family, including basics and more specialized styles.

3. Soma Outlets: Soma is a popular lingerie brand known for its comfort and style. Soma outlets offer discounted prices on their underwear and sleepwear collections, allowing you to find affordable options without compromising on quality.

4. Gap Outlet: Gap Outlet stores often carry a selection of affordable underwear for men, women, and children. From everyday basics to stylish options, you can find discounted underwear that suits your needs.

5. Jockey Outlet: Jockey Outlet stores offer a variety of underwear styles, including briefs, boxers, and more. You can find discounted prices on both men’s and women’s underwear, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious shoppers.

6. Tommy Hilfiger Outlet: Tommy Hilfiger outlets provide discounted underwear options from this well-known brand. You can find stylish and comfortable underwear at reduced prices, allowing you to enjoy the quality of the brand at a more affordable cost.

7. Victoria’s Secret Outlet: Victoria’s Secret outlets offer discounted prices on their popular lingerie and underwear collections. You can find a range of styles, from everyday basics to more luxurious options, all at more affordable prices.

When visiting outlet stores, it’s important to be aware that selection may vary and sizes may be limited. Nevertheless, these stores are a great option for finding high-quality underwear at discounted prices. Be sure to check for any ongoing promotions or additional discounts to maximize your savings.


Discount Stores for Cheap Underwear

If you’re looking for budget-friendly underwear, discount stores are a treasure trove. These stores offer a wide range of products at significantly reduced prices. Here are some discount stores where you can find cheap underwear:

1. Dollar Stores: Dollar stores like Dollar General and Family Dollar often have a selection of affordable underwear options. While the quality may not be as high as other outlets, these stores can be a great option for basics or temporary replacements.

2. 99 Cents Only Stores: Similar to dollar stores, 99 Cents Only Stores offer a variety of products at low prices. While the selection may vary, you can occasionally find inexpensive underwear options for both men and women.

3. Ross Dress for Less: Ross Dress for Less is a discount retailer that offers discounted brand-name products. They typically have a section dedicated to undergarments, where you can find affordable underwear from well-known brands.

4. Burlington: Burlington is a discount department store that offers a wide selection of products, including affordable underwear. They carry a range of styles for men, women, and children at discounted prices.

5. T.J. Maxx: As a discount retailer, T.J. Maxx offers discounted prices on a variety of products, including underwear. You can find a range of styles and brands at lower prices compared to regular retail stores.

6. Marshalls: Marshalls is another popular discount store that offers brand-name products at affordable prices. Check out their underwear section for discounted options that suit your preferences.

7. Kmart: Kmart is a discount store that often has a selection of affordable underwear for men, women, and children. Keep an eye out for their regular sales and promotions to find even greater discounts.

When shopping at discount stores, it’s important to keep in mind that the selection may vary, and sizes might be limited. Additionally, quality may not always be consistent. However, with some patience and thorough browsing, you can find inexpensive underwear that meets your needs and fits within your budget.


Secondhand and Thrift Stores for Cheap Underwear

If you’re open to buying secondhand items, thrift and secondhand stores can be excellent places to find cheap underwear. While it may not be suitable for everyone, purchasing gently used undergarments from reputable sources can be a cost-effective and sustainable option. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Consignment Shops: Consignment shops offer a curated selection of secondhand clothing, including underwear. These stores typically only accept items in good condition, ensuring that you can find gently used undergarments that are still in wearable condition.

2. Thrift Stores: Thrift stores, like Goodwill and Salvation Army, often have a wide range of donated clothing items, including underwear. It’s important to note that the selection may vary, and you’ll need to carefully inspect items for any signs of damage or wear.

3. Online Thrift Platforms: There are also online platforms like thredUP and Poshmark, where individuals can buy and sell secondhand clothing, including underwear. Be sure to review the seller’s description and photos before making a purchase to ensure the quality meets your expectations.

4. Local Yard Sales and Garage Sales: Yard sales and garage sales can be hidden gems for finding cheap underwear. These events often offer gently used clothing items at significantly discounted prices. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to thoroughly inspect items before making a purchase.

5. Cleanliness and Hygiene: When purchasing secondhand underwear, it’s crucial to prioritize cleanliness and hygiene. Wash any purchased items thoroughly before wearing, and consider using a hot-water cycle or adding disinfectant to ensure they are sanitized.

Buying secondhand underwear can be a more affordable and sustainable option, but it’s essential to exercise caution and inspect items carefully. To minimize any potential concerns, look for secondhand stores with solid reputations or consider purchasing from online platforms that have stringent quality standards in place.

Remember, affordability should never come at the expense of comfort or safety. If you have personal reservations about buying secondhand underwear, it’s perfectly fine to explore other options mentioned earlier to find cheap, brand-new undergarments that align with your preferences and needs.



When it comes to buying cheap underwear, there are plenty of options available to suit every preference and budget. Whether you choose to shop online, visit physical stores, explore outlet stores, browse discount stores, or consider secondhand options, there are countless avenues to find affordable underwear without compromising on comfort or style.

Before making a purchase, be mindful of important factors such as comfort, quality, size, and hygiene. Consider your personal preferences and body type to ensure the underwear you choose fits well and makes you feel confident.

Online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and ASOS offer convenience and a wide variety of options, while physical stores like Target, Walmart, and Old Navy provide the opportunity for in-person browsing. Outlet stores like Calvin Klein, Hanes, and Tommy Hilfiger offer discounted prices on brand-name underwear, and discount stores like Dollar General and T.J. Maxx offer affordability for those on a tight budget. Additionally, secondhand and thrift stores can be a sustainable and cost-effective option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Remember to always prioritize comfort, quality, and cleanliness when purchasing cheap underwear. Take advantage of sales, promotions, and return policies to get the best value for your money. With a little bit of research and exploration, you can find affordable underwear that meets your needs and keeps you feeling comfortable and confident every day.

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