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What Kind Of Cover Up To Wear With Tankini What Kind Of Cover Up To Wear With Tankini

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What Kind Of Cover Up To Wear With Tankini

Written by: Donna Seidel

Discover the perfect cover-up options for women to complement their tankini swimsuits. From stylish sarongs to breezy kimonos, find the ideal choice to complete your beach look.

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Welcome to our guide on what kind of cover up to wear with a tankini! If you’re a fan of tankinis, you know that they offer a versatile and stylish alternative to traditional one-piece swimsuits or bikinis. But sometimes, you may want a little extra coverage or an added touch of fashion while wearing your tankini. That’s where a cover up comes in handy.

A tankini is a two-piece swimsuit that consists of a tank top-style top and a separate bottom. It offers the perfect combination of comfort, coverage, and style. The top provides more coverage than a bikini, while the separate bottom allows for ease of movement and the ability to mix and match different styles.

While tankinis are popular swimwear choices, they can also be worn beyond the beach or poolside. Whether you’re headed to a resort, a cruise, or a beach party, a cover up adds a fashionable layer to your tankini ensemble. It not only provides additional coverage but also serves as a stylish accessory that completes your beach or poolside look.

In this guide, we’ll explore different types of cover ups for tankinis, provide tips on choosing the right cover up, discuss cover up styles for different body types, and offer suggestions for matching colors and patterns. We’ll also delve into the art of accessorizing your tankini cover up to elevate your overall look.

So, if you’re ready to take your tankini game to the next level and make a fashion statement, let’s dive in and discover the perfect cover up to complement your tankini!


What is a Tankini?

A tankini is a versatile and stylish two-piece swimsuit that combines the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit with the convenience of a bikini. It consists of a tank top-style top and a separate bottom, offering a flattering and comfortable option for those who want more coverage than a bikini but less coverage than a traditional one-piece swimsuit.

The tankini top typically features a longer length that covers the stomach area, providing a bit more modesty and confidence. It comes in various neckline styles, including scoop neck, halter, or V-neck, allowing you to choose a style that suits your preference and body shape.

The separate bottom of a tankini offers flexibility in terms of coverage and style. You can choose from options like bikini bottoms, swim shorts, or swim skirts to create a personalized look that flatters your body type and provides comfort during beach or pool activities.

One of the major advantages of a tankini is its versatility. You can mix and match different tops and bottoms to create various outfit combinations that reflect your personal style. This allows you to have multiple swimwear options without having to invest in multiple full swimsuits.

Tankinis are not only fashionable but also practical. They are easy to put on and take off, making trips to the restroom or changing rooms hassle-free. Additionally, their two-piece design allows for easier adjustments and more flexibility in terms of fit.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, playing beach volleyball, or enjoying water sports, a tankini offers the perfect blend of style, comfort, and coverage. It’s a versatile swimwear option that allows you to feel confident and beautiful while enjoying your time in the sun.


Why Wear a Cover Up with a Tankini?

While a tankini provides more coverage than a bikini, there are still several reasons why wearing a cover up with your tankini is a great idea. Let’s explore why:

  1. Additional Coverage: Even though tankinis already offer more coverage compared to bikinis, some individuals may still feel more comfortable with a little extra coverage. A cover up provides that extra layer of fabric to cover areas you may want to conceal, such as your arms, back, or thighs.
  2. Sun Protection: One of the primary reasons to wear a cover up is to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Cover ups generally have a higher UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) than regular clothing, providing an extra layer of protection for your skin. This is especially important if you plan to spend extended periods in the sun.
  3. Versatility: A cover up adds versatility to your tankini ensemble. It allows you to easily transition from the pool or beach to other activities without the need to change your entire outfit. You can throw on a cover up, and instantly transform your beach look into a stylish outfit suitable for grabbing lunch or strolling along the boardwalk.
  4. Modesty and Comfort: Some people may feel more comfortable and modest when wearing a cover up. If you prefer a bit more coverage while walking around or taking breaks from swimming, a cover up offers the perfect solution. It allows you to relax and enjoy your time without feeling exposed or self-conscious.
  5. Style and Fashion: Cover ups are not only practical but also fashionable. They come in various styles, designs, and fabrics, allowing you to express your personal style and enhance your overall beach or poolside look. Whether you opt for a breezy tunic, a flowing maxi dress, or a trendy sarong, a cover up can elevate your style game and make a fashion statement.

So, whether you want added coverage, sun protection, versatility, modesty, or a touch of style, a cover up is a perfect complement to your tankini. It not only adds functionality and practicality but also enhances your overall swimwear ensemble, making you look and feel fabulous.


Types of Cover Ups for Tankinis

When it comes to choosing a cover up for your tankini, there are numerous options available that cater to different styles, preferences, and body types. Let’s explore some of the most popular types of cover ups:

  1. Tunic: A tunic cover up is a versatile and stylish choice. It resembles a loose-fitting, lightweight top and falls around the hips or thighs. Tunics are available in a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, chiffon, or linen, and come in various sleeve lengths, from sleeveless to long sleeves. They offer comfort, ease of movement, and can be effortlessly paired with different tankini styles.
  2. Maxi Dress: Maxi dresses are floor-length dresses that provide a chic and elegant cover up option. They are typically made from lightweight and flowy materials like chiffon or rayon, making them perfect for warm weather. Maxi dresses come in various styles, including strapless, halter, or with sleeves, and can be tied at the waist with a belt for a more defined silhouette.
  3. Sarong: A sarong is a versatile and multipurpose cover up that can be worn in different ways. It is a large piece of fabric, usually rectangular or square, that can be tied or wrapped around the body. Sarongs are available in various patterns, colors, and materials, such as cotton or silk. They can be styled as a skirt, dress, or even a halter top, providing endless options for creating different looks.
  4. Wrap Dress: A wrap dress cover up is a flattering and feminine option. It features a wrap-around design, where the fabric crosses over and is tied at the waist. Wrap dresses come in various lengths, from knee-length to floor-length, and are available in different sleeve styles. They are perfect for creating a stylish and put-together look while providing coverage and comfort.
  5. Caftan: A caftan is a loose-fitting, flowing garment that originated from Middle Eastern and North African clothing traditions. It is usually made from lightweight fabrics like chiffon or silk and often features intricate patterns or embellishments. Caftans offer a bohemian and relaxed vibe and provide ample coverage while allowing for ease of movement.

These are just a few examples of the many types of cover ups available to pair with your tankini. It’s important to choose a style that aligns with your personal taste, body type, and the occasion. The key is to find a cover up that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and stylish, so you can enjoy your time by the water with a sense of fashion flair.


Tips for Choosing a Cover Up

Choosing the right cover up for your tankini can enhance your beach or poolside look and provide the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. Here are some helpful tips to consider when selecting a cover up:

  1. Consider the Occasion: Think about where you’ll be wearing the cover up. Is it for a casual day at the beach, a poolside party, or a more formal resort setting? This can help you determine the level of formality and style you’re looking for.
  2. Think About Comfort: Opt for a cover up that is comfortable and allows you to move freely. Consider the fabric and silhouette, making sure it feels lightweight and breathable.
  3. Reflect Your Personal Style: Choose a cover up that aligns with your personal style and makes you feel confident. Whether you prefer bold prints, vibrant colors, or classic neutrals, select a cover up that reflects your individual taste.
  4. Consider Body Shape: Take your body shape into consideration when choosing a cover up. For example, if you have an hourglass shape, opt for a cover up that cinches at the waist to accentuate your curves. If you want to downplay a certain area, look for a cover up with strategic draping or patterns to create a more balanced silhouette.
  5. Accessorize: Accessories can elevate your cover up look. Consider adding a wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses, or a statement beach bag to complete your beach or poolside outfit.
  6. Consider Versatility: Look for cover ups that can be worn beyond the beach. Pieces that can easily transition into casual daywear or evening attire offer great value and versatility for your wardrobe.
  7. Try Before You Buy: If possible, try on different cover up styles and silhouettes to see what flatters your body shape and makes you feel your best. Keep in mind that certain cover ups may fit differently depending on the fabric and brand, so be open to experimenting with different options.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to choose a cover up that not only complements your tankini but also boosts your confidence and allows you to express your unique sense of style.


Cover Up Styles for Different Body Types

When it comes to choosing a cover up for your tankini, it’s important to consider your body type to find a style that enhances your best features and provides a flattering silhouette. Here are some cover up styles that work well for different body types:

  1. Pear Shape: If you have a pear-shaped body with wider hips and a smaller upper body, consider cover ups that draw attention to your upper body. Opt for styles like off-the-shoulder tops, halter necklines, or cover ups with embellishments or patterns around the chest area. This will help balance out your proportions and accentuate your upper body.
  2. Apple Shape: For those with an apple-shaped body, where most of the weight is carried in the midsection, choose cover ups that flow away from the body to create a flattering and forgiving silhouette. Empire waist styles, loose-fitting tunics, and cover ups with strategic draping can help minimize the focus on the midsection and draw attention to other areas.
  3. Hourglass Shape: If you have an hourglass figure with a well-defined waist and balanced proportions between your bust and hips, consider fitted cover ups that accentuate your curves. Wrap dresses, sarongs, or cover ups with belts or ties at the waist can emphasize your hourglass shape while providing coverage.
  4. Rectangle Shape: For those with a rectangular body shape, where the bust, waist, and hips are similar in width, look for cover ups that create the illusion of curves and add dimension. Opt for cover ups with ruffles, pleats, or patterns that add volume and create curves. A-line dresses, peplum-style cover ups, or those with cinching at the waist can help create a more defined shape.
  5. Full-Figured: If you have a full-figured body, consider cover ups that provide ample coverage and support. Look for styles with adjustable straps, built-in bras, or underwire for added comfort and support. Flowy maxi dresses, longline tunics, or cover ups with strategic color blocking or patterns can help create a slimming effect and flatter your figure.

Remember, these are just general guidelines, and every body is unique. The most important thing is to choose a cover up that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and showcases your personal style. Experiment with different silhouettes, patterns, and details to find the cover up that flatters your body and accentuates your best features.


Matching Colors and Patterns

Choosing the right colors and patterns for your cover up can greatly enhance your overall look and complement your tankini. Here are some tips to consider when it comes to matching colors and patterns:

  1. Coordinate with Your Tankini: When selecting a cover up, consider coordinating the colors with your tankini. Choose a cover up that complements the colors of your tankini, whether it’s a solid color or a patterned design. This creates a cohesive and harmonious look.
  2. Contrast with Your Tankini: On the other hand, you can also create visual interest by choosing a cover up that contrasts with your tankini. For example, if your tankini is brightly colored or has a bold pattern, consider pairing it with a cover up in a complementary neutral tone or a different pattern that creates a striking contrast.
  3. Stick to Neutrals: Neutrals are always a safe and versatile choice. Opt for cover ups in neutral colors like white, black, beige, or navy. Neutrals can easily be paired with any tankini color or pattern and create a timeless and sophisticated look.
  4. Experiment with Prints: If your tankini is a solid color, consider adding a pop of personality with a cover up featuring vibrant prints or patterns. Floral prints, geometric designs, or tropical motifs can add visual interest and showcase your personal style.
  5. Consider Your Skin Tone: Take your skin tone into account when choosing colors for your cover up. Certain shades, like pastels or jewel tones, may complement your skin tone and enhance your natural features. Experiment with different hues to find the colors that make you feel radiant and confident.
  6. Think About the Setting: Consider the setting or occasion where you’ll be wearing your tankini and cover up. For a beach or poolside look, bright and vibrant colors or tropical-inspired prints can be a fun choice. If you’re in a more formal setting, consider more subdued colors or elegant patterns.

Remember that there are no strict rules when it comes to matching colors and patterns. It’s all about embracing your personal style, expressing yourself, and feeling confident in your outfit. Play around with different color combinations and patterns to create a look that reflects your unique personality and makes you feel fabulous.


Accessorizing your Tankini Cover Up

Accessorizing your tankini cover up can take your beach or poolside look to the next level. It’s all about adding the finishing touches that reflect your personal style and make a statement. Here are some ideas on how to accessorize your tankini cover up:

  1. Hats: A wide-brimmed hat not only protects you from the sun’s rays but also adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Opt for a floppy hat, a straw hat, or a sun hat that complements your cover up and tankini.
  2. Sunglasses: A stylish pair of sunglasses can instantly elevate your beach look. Look for sunglasses that flatter your face shape and complement your cover up. From oversized frames to sleek aviators, there are plenty of options to choose from.
  3. Jewelry: Add some sparkle and personality to your outfit with the right jewelry. Go for pieces that can handle the beach or pool environment, such as statement earrings, delicate necklaces, or stackable bracelets. Opt for waterproof or resistant materials to ensure they can withstand water and sunscreen.
  4. Beach Bag: A chic beach bag is not only practical for carrying your essentials but also adds a fashionable element to your overall ensemble. Look for a spacious tote or a stylish straw bag that complements your cover up. Choose a color or pattern that complements your tankini and adds a pop of style.
  5. Footwear: Choose footwear that is comfortable and suitable for the beach or pool environment. Flip-flops, sandals, or espadrilles are popular choices. Look for options with a stylish design or embellishments that match your cover up’s aesthetic.
  6. Sarongs or Belts: If your cover up is a little loose or oversized, consider adding a sarong or belt to cinch in the waist and create a more flattering silhouette. This can add structure and style to your look while accentuating your curves.
  7. Hair Accessories: Play with different hair accessories to complete your beach look. Choose colorful scrunchies, headbands, or hair clips that match your cover up or add a fun element to your hairstyle.

When accessorizing your tankini cover up, remember to strike a balance. Choose accessories that complement your outfit without overpowering it. The goal is to enhance your overall look and express your personal style while enjoying your time under the sun.



Choosing the perfect cover up for your tankini can elevate your beach or poolside look and provide added comfort and style. Whether you’re looking for additional coverage, sun protection, versatility, or a touch of fashion, there are cover up options out there to suit your needs.

In this guide, we explored the different types of cover ups available for tankinis, such as tunics, maxi dresses, sarongs, wrap dresses, and caftans. We also provided tips on choosing the right cover up, including considering the occasion, comfort, personal style, body type, and versatility.

Matching colors and patterns between your tankini and cover up can create a cohesive and harmonious look, while contrasting options can add a striking visual effect. Accessories such as hats, sunglasses, jewelry, beach bags, and footwear can enhance your overall outfit and showcase your personal style.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a cover up and accessories that make you feel comfortable, confident, and stylish. Experiment with different styles, patterns, and colors to find what suits you best.

So, whether you’re lounging on the beach, enjoying a poolside party, or exploring a resort, let your tankini and cover up ensemble reflect your unique fashion sense and make a splash in style!

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