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How To Wear A Slip Dress Hijab How To Wear A Slip Dress Hijab

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How To Wear A Slip Dress Hijab

Written by: Rozamond Hartwig

Discover stylish ways for women to wear a slip dress with hijab. Learn the latest fashion trends and tips to perfect your look.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of slip dress hijabs! This versatile and stylish fashion trend has taken the modest fashion world by storm, offering an elegant and modern option for Muslim women. Whether you’re attending a special event or simply want to elevate your everyday look, a slip dress hijab can be the perfect choice.

Slip dress hijabs combine the beauty and functionality of a hijab with the effortless charm of a slip dress. They are designed to provide modest coverage while also allowing for comfort and freedom of movement. With their sleek silhouette and flowing fabric, slip dress hijabs offer a chic and feminine style that can be worn for various occasions.

In this article, we will guide you through the world of slip dress hijabs, from choosing the right one to mastering the art of styling. We’ll provide you with tips and tricks for accessorizing your slip dress hijab and offer suggestions for matching footwear. So, let’s dive in and discover how to rock a slip dress hijab with confidence and style!


What is a Slip Dress Hijab?

A slip dress hijab is a combination of a slip dress and a hijab, specifically designed for modest fashion-conscious women. It blends the contemporary elegance of a slip dress with the modesty of a hijab, creating a unique and fashion-forward look. This innovative hybrid garment features a slip-style dress with a matching hijab attached or sold separately.

The slip dress hijab is typically made from lightweight and breathable fabrics such as chiffon or satin, ensuring comfort and ease of movement. It is designed to offer full coverage for the body, arms, and legs, while the hijab portion gracefully covers the head and neck. The length of the dress and hijab can vary, from knee-length to ankle-length, providing flexibility in styling options.

One of the key features of a slip dress hijab is its versatility. It can be styled in various ways to suit different occasions and personal preferences. Whether you want to achieve a casual, chic, or glamorous look, the slip dress hijab can be adapted to meet your style goals. It allows you to express your individuality while representing your faith and commitment to modesty.

Slip dress hijabs come in a range of designs, colors, and patterns, catering to different fashion tastes and preferences. From solid colors to floral prints, there is a slip dress hijab to suit every style and aesthetic. Some slip dress hijabs also feature additional embellishments, such as lace trims or beaded accents, adding a touch of elegance and glamour to the overall look.


Choosing the Right Slip Dress

When it comes to choosing a slip dress hijab, there are a few important factors to consider. These include the fabric, size, length, and color. By paying attention to these aspects, you can ensure that the slip dress hijab you select fits well, suits your personal style, and allows you to feel confident.

First and foremost, consider the fabric of the slip dress hijab. Opt for lightweight and breathable materials such as chiffon or satin. These fabrics not only provide comfort but also drape beautifully, enhancing the overall elegance of the hijab. Avoid heavy or stiff fabrics that may restrict movement and make you feel uncomfortable.

Next, consider the size of the slip dress hijab. Ensure that it’s the right fit for your body shape and size. Avoid dresses that are too tight or too loose, as they can affect the overall look and feel of the outfit. Look for slip dresses with adjustable straps or tie closures, as they offer flexibility in adjusting the fit according to your preferences.

The length of the slip dress is another crucial aspect to consider. Choose a length that aligns with your comfort level and the occasion you’ll be wearing it for. Knee-length slip dresses are perfect for casual or everyday wear, while ankle-length dresses create a more formal and elegant look. The length of the hijab should also be considered, ensuring it provides the desired coverage.

Finally, select a slip dress hijab in a color that complements your skin tone and personal style. Neutral tones like black, navy, or beige are versatile and can be easily paired with different accessories and footwear. On the other hand, vibrant colors and prints can add a fun and playful vibe to your ensemble. Consider the occasion and desired aesthetic when choosing the color of your slip dress hijab.


How to Style a Slip Dress Hijab

Styling a slip dress hijab is all about creativity and personal flair. With a few key tips, you can rock this fashionable ensemble and make a statement wherever you go. Here are some ideas on how to style a slip dress hijab:

  1. Layering: One popular way to style a slip dress hijab is by layering. Add a cardigan, blazer, or denim jacket on top of the dress for a chic and trendy look. This not only provides added coverage but also adds dimension and versatility to your outfit.
  2. Belt it: For a more defined silhouette, consider adding a belt to your slip dress hijab. Choose a belt that complements the color scheme of your outfit and cinch it at the waist. This will accentuate your curves and add a touch of elegance.
  3. Accessorize: Accessories are key to completing any outfit. Enhance your slip dress hijab with statement jewelry, such as chunky necklaces or bracelets. Opt for accessories that match the color palette of your outfit to create a cohesive look.
  4. Wrap the hijab creatively: Experiment with different ways of wrapping the hijab to add interest to your look. You can try a turban-style wrap, a draped style, or opt for a voluminous hijab for a more dramatic effect. Play around with different techniques to find the one that suits your face shape and desired aesthetic.
  5. Choose the right undergarments: To ensure a smooth and polished look, choose the right undergarments for your slip dress hijab. Seamless undergarments or shapewear can help create a streamlined silhouette and prevent any lines or bumps from showing through the fabric.

Remember, the key to styling a slip dress hijab is to have fun and express your individuality. Experiment with different combinations, embrace new trends, and don’t be afraid to step out of your fashion comfort zone. With a little creativity and confidence, you can create stunning and unique outfits with your slip dress hijab.


Tips for Accessorizing a Slip Dress Hijab

Accessorizing is a crucial part of creating a stylish and well-put-together outfit. When it comes to a slip dress hijab, carefully chosen accessories can elevate your look and add a personal touch. Here are some tips for accessorizing your slip dress hijab:

  • Statement Scarves: Enhance your slip dress hijab by layering it with a statement scarf. Choose a scarf in a contrasting color or pattern to create visual interest and add a pop of color to your outfit.
  • Bold Jewelry: Add a touch of glamour to your ensemble with bold jewelry pieces. Opt for chunky necklaces, statement earrings, or stacked bracelets to draw attention to your outfit and express your personal style.
  • Belts: Cinch your slip dress hijab at the waist with a stylish belt. This not only adds definition to your silhouette but also creates a polished and put-together look.
  • Handbags: Choose a handbag that complements the color scheme and style of your slip dress hijab. Whether it’s a clutch, tote, or crossbody bag, make sure it adds functionality and complements your overall outfit.
  • Hair Accessories: Embellish your hijab with hair accessories such as headbands, clips, or bows. These can add a playful and feminine touch to your look.
  • Shoes: Pay attention to your footwear choice when accessorizing your slip dress hijab. Opt for heels to elevate your outfit for formal events or go for comfortable and stylish flats for a more casual look.

Remember, accessorizing is about balancing your overall look and ensuring that your accessories complement your slip dress hijab. Experiment with different combinations and find what suits your personal style and occasion. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, and most importantly, have fun with your accessories!


Matching Footwear for a Slip Dress Hijab

When it comes to completing your slip dress hijab outfit, choosing the right footwear plays a crucial role. The shoes you wear can enhance your overall look and tie your outfit together. Here are some tips for matching footwear with a slip dress hijab:

  • Heels: Pairing your slip dress hijab with heels instantly elevates your look and adds a touch of sophistication. Opt for heels in a coordinating color or a neutral shade that complements your outfit. Whether it’s stilettos, block heels, or kitten heels, they will elongate your legs and create a sleek silhouette.
  • Sandals: For a more casual and relaxed vibe, consider wearing sandals with your slip dress hijab. Choose strappy sandals, espadrille wedges, or slide sandals to add a summery and effortless touch to your ensemble. Metallic or embellished sandals can also add a hint of glamour to your look.
  • Flats: If you prefer comfort without compromising style, flats can be a great option. Opt for ballet flats, loafers, or slip-on sneakers in colors that complement your slip dress hijab. Flats can be both versatile and practical, providing all-day comfort while still keeping you fashionable.
  • Boots: For a fashionable and edgy look, consider pairing your slip dress hijab with boots. Ankle boots, knee-high boots, or even combat boots can take your outfit to the next level. Opt for neutral-colored or statement boots to create a fashion-forward ensemble.
  • Matching Tones: When in doubt, choose footwear that matches or complements the color scheme of your slip dress hijab. This creates a cohesive and harmonious look that ties your outfit together.

Remember to consider the occasion and the level of comfort you desire when choosing your footwear. Whether you’re attending a formal event, going for a casual outing, or simply running errands, there is a perfect pair of shoes to match your slip dress hijab outfit.



Slip dress hijabs offer a unique and stylish option for women who embrace modest fashion. With their combination of a slip dress and a hijab, they provide an elegant and fashionable look while maintaining a sense of modesty. By carefully selecting the right slip dress, styling it creatively, accessorizing thoughtfully, and choosing matching footwear, you can create stunning and personalized outfits that reflect your style and personality.

When choosing a slip dress hijab, consider factors such as the fabric, size, length, and color to ensure a perfect fit and a comfortable feel. Experiment with different styling techniques, such as layering, belting, and accessorizing, to create unique and eye-catching looks. Pay attention to the details and choose accessories that complement your slip dress hijab, including statement scarves, bold jewelry, belts, handbags, and hair accessories.

The final touch to your slip dress hijab ensemble is the choice of footwear. Whether you opt for heels, sandals, flats, or boots, make sure they match the style and occasion of your outfit. Consider coordinating colors and complementary tones to create a cohesive and well-balanced look.

With these tips and guidelines, you are now equipped to confidently rock a slip dress hijab and embrace your unique style. Remember, the beauty of fashion lies in expressing yourself and feeling comfortable in what you wear. So go ahead, mix and match, and have fun styling your slip dress hijab with creativity and confidence!

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