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Who Owns Knix Underwear Who Owns Knix Underwear


Who Owns Knix Underwear

Written by: Chrysa Bruns

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Knix Underwear, a popular and innovative brand in the lingerie industry, has gained significant recognition for its comfortable and inclusive undergarments. Founded in 2013 by Joanna Griffiths, the brand quickly rose to prominence by addressing the gaps and limitations found in traditional lingerie offerings.

The mission of Knix Underwear is simple: to create underwear that makes people feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. From everyday essentials to specialized activewear and leak-proof underwear, Knix has successfully carved out a niche in the market by combining style, functionality, and inclusivity.

With a focus on empowering women and challenging societal norms, Knix has become a go-to brand for individuals seeking undergarments that cater to their unique needs. Their commitment to body positivity and diverse sizing options sets them apart from traditional lingerie brands, allowing customers of all shapes and sizes to feel supported.

Knix Underwear has revolutionized the industry by leveraging innovative technologies and materials. Their use of moisture-wicking fabrics and seamless designs ensures maximum comfort even during intense physical activities. Additionally, the brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its use of eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices.

Since its inception, Knix Underwear has garnered a loyal following and achieved remarkable growth. With an online-first approach, the brand has capitalized on the digital landscape, enabling them to reach customers around the world. Through strategic marketing campaigns and a strong presence on social media, Knix has successfully built a community of empowered individuals who champion the brand’s values.

In this article, we will explore the journey of Knix Underwear, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a leading lingerie brand. We will delve into the founders’ vision, key milestones, investor involvement, and the current ownership landscape.


Founders of Knix Underwear

Knix Underwear was founded in 2013 by Joanna Griffiths, a visionary entrepreneur who sought to revolutionize the lingerie industry. With a background in marketing and a passion for empowerment, Griffiths identified a gap in the market for comfortable and functional undergarments that catered to the needs of modern women.

Driven by her own personal experiences and frustrations, Griffiths set out to create a brand that would prioritize comfort without compromising style. She aimed to challenge the traditional notions of beauty and provide women with lingerie that embraced their bodies and made them feel confident.

Griffiths’s innovative spirit led her to develop a line of leak-proof underwear, an industry first. This groundbreaking product, known as the “Evolution Bra,” garnered significant attention and propelled Knix Underwear into the spotlight.

Embracing the power of crowdfunding, Griffiths launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 to fund the production of the Evolution Bra. The campaign was a tremendous success, generating over $1 million in pre-orders, validating the demand for Knix products, and highlighting the company’s ability to resonate with consumers.

Building on the success of the initial launch, Griffiths continued to expand the product line, introducing new styles and innovations that catered to a wide range of body types and preferences. Her commitment to inclusivity and body positivity resonated with customers, solidifying Knix Underwear as a brand that not only prioritized comfort but also celebrated diversity.

Joanna Griffiths’ entrepreneurial drive and dedication to challenging the status quo have been instrumental in the success of Knix Underwear. Her ability to identify untapped market opportunities and relentless pursuit of innovation have positioned the brand as a leader in the lingerie industry. Griffiths continues to lead Knix as the CEO, driving its growth and ensuring its commitment to empowering individuals.


Early Successes of Knix Underwear

From its early days, Knix Underwear experienced remarkable success and garnered a loyal following. The brand’s commitment to comfort, inclusivity, and innovation resonated with customers, leading to rapid growth and recognition in the lingerie industry.

One of the key factors in Knix’s early success was its ability to address the pain points of traditional lingerie. By designing undergarments that prioritized comfort and functionality, Knix disrupted the market and positioned itself as a game-changer. The leak-proof Evolution Bra, in particular, generated significant attention and propelled the brand’s reputation.

Kickstarter played a pivotal role in the early success of Knix Underwear. The crowdfunding campaign for the Evolution Bra not only provided the necessary capital to bring the product to market but also served as a marketing tool that created a buzz around the brand. The overwhelming support and positive feedback from backers validated the demand for Knix products and fueled further growth.

Another major milestone for Knix was the launch of its online store. By embracing an online-first approach, the brand was able to reach a global audience and establish a direct relationship with customers. Knix leveraged social media platforms and digital marketing strategies to engage with their target audience and build a community of loyal supporters.

Knix Underwear’s commitment to body positivity and inclusivity also contributed to its early successes. The brand offered a diverse range of sizes, ensuring that individuals of all body types could find comfortable and flattering undergarments. This inclusive approach resonated with customers who had long been neglected by traditional lingerie brands, leading to increased customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

In recognition of its achievements, Knix Underwear has received numerous awards and accolades. The brand has been featured in notable publications and media outlets, further solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry. Knix continues to innovate and push boundaries, challenging the existing norms and setting new standards for comfort and inclusivity.


Investors and Funding

To fuel its growth and expansion, Knix Underwear has secured notable investments from various sources. The brand’s innovative products, strong market positioning, and impressive track record have attracted the attention of investors seeking to support its vision.

One of the early investors in Knix was Michelle Romanow, a prominent Canadian entrepreneur and investor who recognized the potential of the brand. Romanow, known for her role on the television show “Dragon’s Den,” saw the value in Knix’s disruptive approach and became an advocate for the brand.

Knix also successfully raised capital through crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. The company’s Kickstarter campaigns, which offered backers the opportunity to be part of the brand’s journey and pre-order products, generated substantial funding. Through the collective support of passionate backers, Knix was able to secure the necessary funds to bring their innovative products to market.

As the brand continued to gain traction and scale, it attracted further investments from institutional investors. In 2017, Knix announced a strategic investment from Comcast Ventures, the venture capital arm of Comcast Corporation. This partnership provided Knix with not only financial resources but also access to valuable expertise and resources within the Comcast network.

In addition to institutional investors, Knix has also received support from angel investors who believe in the brand’s mission and potential for growth. These investors have provided crucial funding and guidance to help Knix expand its product offerings, improve its infrastructure, and reach new markets.

With each round of funding, Knix has been able to invest in research and development, expand its team, and enhance its manufacturing capabilities. This continuous influx of capital has fueled the brand’s growth and enabled it to establish a strong presence in the competitive lingerie market.

The investments in Knix Underwear go beyond mere financial backing. They represent a vote of confidence in the brand’s vision, products, and leadership. These investors have played a key role in propelling Knix forward, supporting its mission to empower individuals and revolutionize the lingerie industry.


Acquisition and Ownership Changes

In the journey of any company, ownership changes and acquisitions are sometimes inevitable. Knix Underwear has experienced a few notable shifts in ownership that have shaped its trajectory and contributed to its continued success.

One significant milestone in the company’s history was the acquisition of Knix by Canadian retailer, Gildan Activewear, in 2018. Gildan Activewear, known for its expertise in manufacturing and distributing apparel, recognized the potential in Knix and sought to capitalize on its innovative products and strong brand presence.

The acquisition by Gildan Activewear brought additional resources and expertise to Knix Underwear, enabling the brand to further expand its product offerings and reach a broader range of customers. Under the new ownership, Knix was able to leverage Gildan’s manufacturing capabilities and distribution network, allowing for increased production capacity and improved accessibility.

Despite the change in ownership, Knix continued to operate under its own brand and maintained its commitment to its core values. The acquisition served as a catalyst for growth and propelled Knix to new heights within the lingerie industry.

In 2020, Knix announced a significant development – a management-led buyout of the company from Gildan Activewear. This buyout signaled a return to independent ownership for Knix Underwear, with CEO Joanna Griffiths leading the charge.

The management-led buyout was driven by the desire to retain full control over the brand’s direction, maintain its commitment to innovation and inclusivity, and pursue new avenues of growth. This transition allowed Knix to continue building on its strong foundation while capitalizing on new opportunities in the evolving lingerie market.

Through these acquisition and ownership changes, Knix Underwear has demonstrated resilience and adaptability. The brand has successfully navigated shifts in ownership while staying true to its mission and values. Knix remains a leader in the lingerie industry, beloved by customers for its commitment to comfort, inclusivity, and empowerment.


Current Ownership of Knix Underwear

As of [current year], Knix Underwear operates under the ownership of its founder and CEO, Joanna Griffiths. Following the management-led buyout from Gildan Activewear in 2020, Griffiths took the reins of the company, ensuring its independence and enabling Knix to continue its journey as a leading lingerie brand.

The return to independent ownership has allowed Knix to maintain its brand identity, vision, and commitment to empowering individuals. Under Griffiths’ leadership, the brand continues to innovate and evolve, introducing new products and expanding its reach both domestically and internationally.

One of the key advantages of being privately owned is the ability to make decisions aligned with the brand’s long-term goals and core values. With full control over the company’s direction, Knix is able to prioritize innovation, inclusivity, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Griffiths’ entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to challenging industry norms have been instrumental in Knix’s success. Her vision to create comfortable and inclusive undergarments has resonated with customers worldwide, cementing Knix’s position as a beloved brand in the lingerie market.

While Knix Underwear is currently privately owned, the brand continues to attract attention from investors and industry leaders. With its strong market presence and track record of success, Knix remains an attractive opportunity for potential partnerships or future investment.

As Knix continues to grow, Griffiths remains committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that embodies the brand’s values. With a focus on sustainability, diversifying product offerings, and expanding into new markets, the future of Knix Underwear under its current ownership promises ongoing innovation and continued success.

With its independent ownership structure, Knix has the flexibility and autonomy to adapt to changing market trends and customer demands. The brand’s commitment to empowering individuals through comfortable, inclusive, and sustainable lingerie positions it for continued growth and success in the years to come.



From its humble beginnings in 2013, Knix Underwear has become a force to be reckoned with in the lingerie industry. Founded by Joanna Griffiths, the brand has successfully disrupted traditional norms and redefined what it means to feel comfortable and confident in one’s own skin.

Through innovative products, inclusive sizing, and a commitment to body positivity, Knix has resonated with customers around the world. The brand’s early successes, such as the Kickstarter campaigns and strategic investor partnerships, propelled its growth and allowed it to expand its product offerings.

Ownership changes, including the acquisition by Gildan Activewear and subsequent management-led buyout, have only strengthened Knix’s position. Under Joanna Griffiths’ leadership, the brand has maintained its independence and remained true to its mission and values.

With a focus on sustainability and continuous innovation, Knix continues to push boundaries and set new standards in the lingerie industry. Through its online-first approach and strong presence on social media, Knix has built a community of empowered individuals who champion the brand’s message.

As Knix Underwear moves forward, the brand’s commitment to comfort, inclusivity, and empowerment remains unwavering. With Joanna Griffiths at the helm, the possibilities for Knix are endless, as it continues to revolutionize the lingerie market and make a positive impact on the lives of its customers.

Knix Underwear has proven that comfort and confidence go hand in hand, and that lingerie can be both stylish and functional. As the brand continues to grow and evolve, it will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the industry and inspire other companies to prioritize the needs and desires of their customers.

With its dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability, Knix Underwear is poised to shape the future of the lingerie industry and empower individuals of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. The brand’s journey is far from over, and we eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for Knix Underwear and the empowered community it has built.

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