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How To Hide Belly In Swimsuit How To Hide Belly In Swimsuit

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How To Hide Belly In Swimsuit

Written by: Lise Bertsch

Discover effective tips and tricks for women to hide their belly in a swimsuit. Feel confident and stylish at the beach with these helpful swimsuit hacks.

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Welcome to our guide on how to hide belly in a swimsuit. As the summer season approaches, many women find themselves feeling self-conscious about their midsections when it comes time to hit the beach or pool. However, there’s no need to worry! With the right swimsuit style and a few clever tricks, you can feel confident and comfortable in your swimwear.

The key to hiding belly in a swimsuit is to choose a style that flatters your figure and strategically uses colors, patterns, and design elements to draw attention away from the midsection. Whether you prefer a one-piece swimsuit or a two-piece set, there are plenty of options available that can help you feel your best.

In this guide, we will explore various tips and techniques that will enable you to confidently camouflage your belly area. From selecting the right swimsuit style to using patterns, ruffles, and accessories strategically, we will provide you with expert advice to help you enhance your beach body confidence.

Remember, the most important thing is to embrace your body and feel comfortable in your own skin. Every body is unique and beautiful, and by following our tips, you can celebrate your individuality while enjoying fun in the sun.


Choosing the Right Swimsuit Style

When it comes to hiding your belly in a swimsuit, choosing the right style is crucial. Certain swimsuit styles can help create a slimming effect and draw attention away from your midsection. Here are a few options to consider:

  1. One-Piece Swimsuits: One-piece swimsuits are a classic choice for belly coverage. Look for styles that have ruching or tummy control panels, as they can help smooth out any bumps or bulges. Additionally, opt for swimsuits that have a scoop or V-neckline to draw attention upwards.
  2. Tankinis: Tankinis are a great alternative to one-piece swimsuits. They consist of a tank top-style upper and separate bottoms, giving you the option to mix and match. Look for tankinis that have a longer length or flowy fabric to help hide the belly area.
  3. Bandeau Tops: If you prefer a two-piece swimsuit, consider opting for a bandeau top. Bandeau tops are strapless and often have ruching or draping across the midsection, which can help camouflage the belly area. Pair it with high-waisted bottoms for added tummy control.
  4. Swim Dresses: Swim dresses are flattering and feminine options for concealing the belly. They resemble regular dresses but are made from swim-friendly materials. Look for swim dresses that have an empire waistline or subtle ruching to enhance the slimming effect.
  5. High-Waisted Bottoms: High-waisted bottoms have become increasingly popular, and for a good reason. They provide extra coverage for the midsection and help create a smooth silhouette. Opt for bottoms with tummy control panels for even more support.

Remember, the key is to choose a swimsuit style that not only hides your belly but also accentuates your best features. Experiment with different styles to find the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful.


Opt for Darker Colors

When trying to hide your belly in a swimsuit, opting for darker colors can be a game-changer. Darker shades like black, navy blue, deep plum, or dark charcoal can create a slimming effect and provide a visually flattering appearance.

The reason why darker colors work well is that they naturally attract less attention and help to camouflage any areas of concern. By wearing a swimsuit in a dark hue, you can draw focus away from your midsection and redirect it to other parts of your body that you may feel more confident about.

Additionally, dark colors have a tendency to diminish shadows and create a smoother look, further aiding in belly concealment. They can also help create the illusion of a more streamlined silhouette.

While darker colors are highly recommended, it’s important to note that you don’t have to limit yourself to black. Experiment with different shades such as deep blues, purples, or even dark greens, as they can still provide a slimming effect while adding a touch of personality to your swimwear.

When incorporating darker colors into your swimsuit ensemble, consider complementing them with lighter or brighter accessories. This contrast can help draw attention away from the midsection and towards the areas you want to highlight.

Ultimately, the goal is to feel confident and comfortable in your swimsuit. Choosing a darker-colored swimsuit is a strategic choice that can help you feel your best and enjoy your time in the sun with enhanced body positivity.


Use Strategic Patterns and Prints

When aiming to conceal your belly in a swimsuit, using strategic patterns and prints can work wonders. Certain patterns and prints can help distract the eye from your midsection and create a visually balanced look. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Vertical Stripes: Opt for swimsuits that feature vertical stripes. Vertical lines have a lengthening effect, creating the illusion of a slimmer and elongated figure. They draw the eye upward and downward, diverting attention from the midsection.
  • Diagonal or Geometric Prints: Consider swimsuits with diagonal or geometric prints. These patterns can create an optical illusion that skews perception, making the belly area appear smaller. Look for designs that have the prints concentrated towards the sides, rather than the center, to further enhance the flattering effect.
  • Colorblock Swimsuits: Colorblock swimsuits, which feature contrasting colors in different sections, can strategically camouflage the belly area. Look for colorblock swimsuits with darker shades in the midsection, as it can create a slimming and defining effect.
  • Printed Top with Solid Bottom: If you are opting for a two-piece swimsuit, consider wearing a printed top with a solid-colored bottom. This combination draws attention upward and helps divert the focus from the midsection. Choose patterns or prints that you love and that showcase your personal style.
  • Small and Busy Prints: Swimsuits with small and busy prints can also help camouflage the belly area. These prints can create visual interest and draw attention away from any perceived flaws. Avoid large and bold prints, as they can accentuate the midsection.

By strategically incorporating patterns and prints into your swimsuit selection, you can create a flattering and balanced look that effectively redirects attention from the belly area. Remember to choose patterns and prints that you feel comfortable and confident in, as it’s essential to embrace your unique style while enhancing your body confidence.


Ruching and Ruffles for Belly Concealment

Ruching and ruffles are effective design elements that can help conceal your belly in a swimsuit. They add texture and visual interest while drawing attention away from the midsection. Here’s how you can use ruching and ruffles strategically:

  • Ruched Swimsuits: Opt for swimsuits with ruching along the midsection. Ruching is the gathering or pleating of fabric, which creates texture and helps to hide any bumps or bulges. This design detail can create a flattering and slimming effect by visually blurring the focus on the belly area.
  • Ruffled Tops: Choose swimsuit tops with ruffle details, particularly around the bust or neckline area. The ruffles draw attention upwards, diverting the gaze away from the midsection. They add movement and femininity to your swimwear while providing coverage and distraction from the belly area.
  • Ruffled Bottoms: Look for swimsuit bottoms with ruffle accents along the waistband or hips. These ruffles can help create the illusion of a fuller hip area, balancing out the midsection. They add volume and visual interest, making the belly area less noticeable.
  • Asymmetrical Ruffles: Consider swimsuits with asymmetrical ruffles, which can create an eye-catching and visually dynamic look. Asymmetrical detailing diverts attention away from the midsection and adds a unique touch to your swimwear ensemble. It helps to create a slimming effect by drawing the eye towards the ruffles rather than the belly area.
  • Ruched Tankini Tops: If you prefer a tankini style, choose tops with ruching along the midsection. This design feature can help to camouflage the belly area, providing coverage and flattery. Pair it with bottoms that complement the top for a cohesive and stylish look.

By utilizing ruching and ruffles in your swimsuit choices, you can strategically divert attention away from your belly while adding style and sophistication to your beach ensemble. Embrace these design elements and experiment with different styles and placements to find the look that makes you feel confident and comfortable.


High-Waisted Bottoms for Tummy Control

If you’re looking for tummy control and a vintage-inspired style, high-waisted bottoms are an excellent choice. These bottoms sit above the natural waistline, providing coverage and support for your midsection. Here’s why high-waisted bottoms are a great option for belly concealment:

  • Tummy Coverage: High-waisted bottoms extend higher on the waist than traditional bikini bottoms, covering the belly area and providing a slimming effect. They can help flatten the tummy and create a smoother silhouette, giving you added confidence in your swimwear.
  • Tummy Control Panels: Look for high-waisted bottoms that feature tummy control panels. These panels are designed with built-in shapewear or compression fabric that helps to smooth and shape the midsection. They provide extra support and create a more sculpted and toned appearance.
  • Hourglass Figure: High-waisted bottoms accentuate the waistline, creating an hourglass figure. By cinching the waist and highlighting your curves, they create a balanced and visually appealing look. This draws attention away from the midsection and towards your natural curves.
  • Comfort and Versatility: High-waisted bottoms are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. They offer more coverage and support, making them ideal for various water activities and beach outings. Additionally, high-waisted bottoms come in a range of styles, from bikini bottoms to retro-inspired shorts, providing versatility to suit different preferences.
  • Mix and Match: Pair high-waisted bottoms with a variety of swim tops to create different looks. You can choose a matching set or mix patterns, colors, and styles to showcase your personal style. Experiment with different combinations to find what flatters your body and makes you feel fabulous.

High-waisted bottoms have become a popular choice among women of all body types. They offer both style and functionality, providing tummy control and a flattering aesthetic. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or catching some waves at the beach, high-waisted bottoms are an excellent option for belly concealment, allowing you to embrace confidence and enjoy your time in the sun.


One-Piece Swimsuits with Tummy Panels

If you’re looking for optimal tummy control and a sleek silhouette, one-piece swimsuits with tummy panels are the perfect choice. These swimsuits are designed with built-in tummy control panels that provide shaping and support for your midsection. Here’s why you should consider opting for one-piece swimsuits with tummy panels:

  • Tummy Smoothing: The tummy panels in one-piece swimsuits are crafted with special fabrics or mesh that help to smooth and flatten the belly area. They work by providing gentle compression, creating a streamlined appearance and enhancing your body’s natural contours.
  • Shaping and Support: One-piece swimsuits with tummy panels offer targeted shaping and support for your midsection. These panels are strategically placed to provide the most coverage and control. They help to define your waistline, create a slimmer look, and minimize any unwanted bulges or bumps.
  • Confidence Boost: Wearing a one-piece swimsuit with a tummy panel can boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable in your swimwear. The extra support and smoothing effect provide security, allowing you to enjoy your time at the beach or pool without feeling self-conscious about your midsection.
  • Wide Range of Styles: One-piece swimsuits with tummy panels come in a wide variety of styles and designs. You can choose from classic cuts to trendy designs, depending on your personal preference and body shape. Whether you prefer a halter neck, a sweetheart neckline, or a scoop back, there are plenty of options available to suit your style.
  • Fashionable and Timeless: One-piece swimsuits with tummy panels are not only functional but also fashionable. They offer a timeless and elegant look that never goes out of style. You can find sleek and minimalist designs or opt for swimsuits with additional details such as cut-outs, ruching, or embellishments.

One-piece swimsuits with tummy panels are a reliable choice to help you feel confident, comfortable, and stylish. They provide the necessary support and control you desire while flattering your figure. Embrace the beauty of these swimsuits and enjoy your time at the beach or pool with enhanced body positivity.


Empire Waistline Swimsuits

If you’re looking for a flattering swimsuit that draws attention away from your midsection, consider opting for empire waistline swimsuits. Empire waistline swimsuits feature a higher waistline that sits just below the bust, creating a lengthened and elongated appearance. Here’s why empire waistline swimsuits are a great option:

  • Camouflages the Midsection: The placement of the seam on empire waistline swimsuits creates a natural flow and conceals the belly area. It helps to camouflage any perceived flaws or concerns. The fluidity of the fabric from the bust down skims over the midsection, creating a flattering and visually appealing silhouette.
  • Enhances the Bust: Empire waistline swimsuits accentuate the bust, drawing attention upward and away from the midsection. The higher waistline emphasizes the bust area and creates a balanced and proportional look. This can help to redirect the focus to your upper body, enhancing your natural curves.
  • Creates an Hourglass Shape: Empire waistline swimsuits cinch just below the bust, creating a defined waistline and a more pronounced hourglass shape. This design feature accentuates the waist and flatters various body types, creating a visually appealing curvaceous silhouette.
  • Comfort and Freedom of Movement: Empire waistline swimsuits offer both comfort and freedom of movement. The looser fit below the bust allows for ease of mobility, ensuring you can enjoy your time in the water without feeling restricted. They provide a relaxed and comfortable fit while still maintaining a stylish and flattering look.
  • Versatility in Style: Empire waistline swimsuits come in a variety of styles, from one-piece swimsuits to tankinis and even bikini tops. Whether you prefer a halter neck, a scoop back, or a strapless design, you can find an empire waistline swimsuit that suits your personal style and preference.

Empire waistline swimsuits offer a sophisticated and elegant look that flatters the figure and provides comfort. By drawing attention to the bust and creating a smooth flow over the midsection, these swimsuits help you feel confident and stylish. Embrace the versatility and charm of empire waistline swimsuits and enjoy your time at the beach or pool with enhanced body confidence.


Tankini Sets for Belly Coverage

If you desire the ease of a two-piece swimsuit with the coverage of a one-piece, tankini sets are an excellent choice for concealing your belly. Tankinis consist of a tank top-style upper and separate bottoms, offering versatility and customization. Here’s why tankini sets are a great option for belly coverage:

  • Flexible Coverage: Tankini sets provide the flexibility of a two-piece swimsuit while offering more coverage for the midsection. The tank top-style upper provides ample coverage for the belly, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident. You can choose a tankini top with more or less coverage, depending on your preference.
  • Mix and Match: One of the biggest advantages of tankini sets is the ability to mix and match tops and bottoms. This allows you to find the most flattering combination for your body shape. You can choose a tankini top that offers more coverage for your belly and pair it with bottoms that suit your style and comfort level.
  • Concealment with Style: Tankini sets come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns. You can find tankini tops with ruching, ruffles, or flowy fabric that provide extra coverage and concealment for the belly area. These design elements not only camouflage the midsection but also add a stylish and fashionable touch to your swimwear ensemble.
  • Easy and Practical: Tankinis are practical for various water activities, allowing you to easily move and enjoy your time at the beach or pool. The separate top and bottom make it convenient for restroom breaks and offer the flexibility to adjust the fit to your comfort level. Tankini sets are a hassle-free and comfortable option for belly coverage.
  • Body Flattery: Tankini sets flatter a range of body types and sizes. The flowy and loose-fitting nature of the tankini top helps to minimize any perceived flaws in the midsection, providing a flattering and balanced look. Whether you prefer a fitted or a looser top, tankini sets can enhance your body shape and boost your confidence.

Tankini sets offer the best of both worlds – the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit with the versatility of a two-piece. With various styles and designs available, you can find a tankini set that combines comfort, coverage, and style. Embrace the flexibility and freedom that tankini sets provide, and enjoy your time in the sun with enhanced confidence and belly coverage.


Accessorize to Draw Attention Away from the Midsection

When aiming to draw attention away from your midsection in a swimsuit, clever accessorizing can be incredibly effective. By strategically adding accessories, you can divert the focus to other areas of your body and create a visually appealing overall look. Here are some tips on how to accessorize to draw attention away from the midsection:

  • Statement Jewelry: By wearing eye-catching statement jewelry, such as bold earrings or a statement necklace, you can shift the focus higher up your body. Vibrant and chunky jewelry pieces draw attention to your face, neck, and upper body, effectively diverting attention away from the midsection.
  • Sarongs or Cover-ups: Wrap a stylish sarong or wear a fashionable cover-up around your waist. These accessories not only add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your beach look but also help to conceal the midsection. You can opt for sheer or flowy fabrics that provide coverage while still allowing glimpses of your swimsuit underneath.
  • Hats and Hair Accessories: Wear a wide-brimmed hat or accessorize your hair to draw attention upward. Hats not only offer protection from the sun but also add a chic and stylish element to your beach attire. Consider adding hair accessories like headbands, scrunchies, or hair clips to create interest and divert attention away from the midsection.
  • Focus on the Bust: Highlight your bust area with a flattering swimsuit, such as a halter neck or a balconette top. These styles draw attention to your upper body, creating a more balanced look. Pair your swimsuit with a hat, jewelry, or accessories that accentuate the bust to further divert attention away from the midsection.
  • Colorful Footwear: Opt for colorful or embellished footwear to shift focus to your feet and legs. Vibrant sandals, wedges, or stylish flip-flops can draw attention downward, balancing out the visual focus on your midsection. Choose footwear that complements your swimwear and adds a pop of color or interesting design to your overall beach look.

Remember, accessorizing is an artful way to enhance your swimsuit ensemble and shift attention away from the midsection. Select accessories that reflect your personal style, flatter your body, and make you feel confident. By diverting focus through tasteful accessorizing, you can create a visually captivating and flattering beach look.



When it comes to feeling confident and comfortable in a swimsuit, there are various strategies you can employ to hide your belly and enhance your overall beach body confidence. From choosing the right swimsuit style to incorporating darker colors, strategic patterns, and prints, each step plays a crucial role in diverting attention away from the midsection. Additionally, subtle design elements like ruching, ruffles, high-waisted bottoms, empire waistlines, and tankini sets offer excellent options for belly coverage.

Accessorizing wisely with statement jewelry, sarongs, hats, and colorful footwear can further draw attention away from the midsection and redirect it to other areas of your body. Ultimately, these techniques work together to create a flattering and confident beach or poolside look.

It’s important to remember that confidence comes from within. Embrace your unique beauty, celebrate your body, and find a swimsuit style that makes you feel empowered and fabulous. Whether you choose a one-piece swimsuit, a tankini set, or a bikini, the key is to find a style that fits well, flatters your figure, and boosts your self-confidence.

By incorporating these tips and techniques into your swimwear selection, accessorizing, and overall approach to beach fashion, you can confidently enjoy your time in the sun. Remember, body positivity and self-acceptance are the most important factors to feeling amazing in any swimsuit. Embrace your individuality, radiate confidence, and have a fantastic time embracing the summer season!

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